May 28, 2013

Tutorial : LACE eyes

Hey hey hey gorgeous!!

so excited for this look....
Actually when i was n high school, i often use liquid liner for dancing makeup, making kind of eyeliner art, something like that. hahaha
and i miss make it again, so today i make a tutorial using liquid eyeliner..
for me, making art with liquid liner is up to your creativity and to your sense, someone like make circle, some may make line, some like to combine it..
AND for me, i kind of confuse with what i make. I'm not creative person in making great abstract line, so if you pay attention, what i make is so messy >.<

so here is the look

go for tutorialll :))

1. use primer and white eyeshadow (i use white cream and powder) haahaha
2. black eyeshadow, apply in outer corner, make it winged, blend in the crease.
3. apply purple eyeshadow in outer corner into middle lid.
4. use black eyeshadow along low lid, thank make pattern by your creativity :)
5. apply white liner in water line and black liner along your eye
6. use mascara and lashes and you done :)


Many beauty blogger mostly doing review, and i love to read their review before i bought something..
so thank you so much for all beauty blogger who doing review :)

 i more like to contour, so i love bronzer than use blush.. just feels blush is too much.. :)

for lips, i use sheer gloss, than dab on purple eyeshadow, than use sheer orange gloss, there you goo :D
can u see purple color in my lips?

Thats all ladiss my face always in all entire posts
if tou don like too much photo, please tell me, i will pick some, less than 10 for next...
i dont read entire post before i publish it, so forgive me if there some wrong word, typo and other like that... :)

Thank you for reading..
love you ladiesss



  1. wihh, make up matanya strong bangett.. suka sama hiasan di bawah matanya :* :*

    1. Thank you dear..
      aku ga bsa buka blog mu..
      mgkn salah alamat kah?

  2. Very talented ~~
    hmmm maybe for me I will glammed it up with rhinestones on the lace's edge..

    1. Thank you...
      I was thinking of using rhinestones too, but i don't have any when i do this tutorial..
      I must be more prepared for the next..
      Thank you so much :)