May 3, 2013

Tutorial: simple smokey

heloo georgeous!
how do you do?

you know, for making 1 post, i need at least 5 - 6 hours..
first putting on all makeup with taking picture every step
second, editing every picture, sorting it all so you got the best shoot to see
third, typing the post..
and i must say, its hard for me to do that..
and im so proud with all beauty blogger that really really give their time for making good post .
And for you all reader who don't doing blogging things, please give appreciation for all blogs that you read, because now i know how hard making blog in all routine we have.

Back to the topic ladies, Today i post a simple look, you can use as prom look, bridal look, and other formal - semiformal event.

lets take a look..

Step by step?
1. use silver (or other color such as gold, chooper, foxy, champange, ) color all over eyelid
2. apply plum color ( you can use dark brown, grey, purple, dark blue, or any other dark color you want) just in crease line.
3. blend it all
4. balance your eyes, with same color you apply in the crease, line it in your outer and the silver color in inner.
5. using liquid eyeliner, line your eyes, very thin.
6. curl lashes, apply mascara and false lashes if you want.
7. thats it, you done :)

thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoy..
ad if you have any complain, suggestion or everything you want to tell, just leave any comment below...



  1. i love your eyes...big, cantik banget!hehe..thanks so much for a nice comment on my blog, dear!=D