May 13, 2013

Tutorial : Bold Daring Look

Hey Gorgeous....
if before i post a soft romantic look, now i will post the Bold Daring look..
Wait a minute, why am I talking about soft romantic look  again? is there any relation?
oh, yes, of course ...

So, what things make them related??
Can you guess it??
give applause to yourself who answer I use the same product for creating these two looks
the same product I use  is LaTulipe Eyeshadow no.01

so lets get started before you close this blog because boring with all my write :)

step by step

 do you understand by just look the picture?
1. use purple in all lid
2. use baby pink in middle lid
3. use blue in outer eyelid
4. blend blue  to crease
5. use same blue in outer low lid, same purple in middle and same baby pink in inner, blend it out
6. line your water line with black eyeliner
7. curl your lashes and apply mascara
8. i love long false lashes effect in my eyes to make a bold daring eyes, if you don't like, you don't need to follow this step.
9. you're done

with n without false lashes
 see, there is big different between using and not using false lashes..
oh yeah, i fake my lower lash with draw it using liquid liner, because using low lashes is too much for me..


do you notice my end of hair is light brown??
ah so in love with it, it was my bleach result after a week. have you read my post about it?
And, also my brow is not in good shape, because i make this look before i got Brow Bar service..

forgive me for so much my face in every posts.. I just can't pick the good one, so i decided to post it all.



  1. cantiik... tapi saran dikit boleh ga? kayaknya bulu mata kamu dijepit dulu say baru dipakein bulu mata, biar nyatu bulu matanya,g kepisah.. biar makin cantik gitu.. hehehe
    but it's still lovely :D

    1. ia dear, bulu mataku bandel, uda d jepit ttp turun.. :( jadi aku menyerah jepit bulu mata...
      thanks a lot ya darlaa :)

  2. Ini keliatan smokey gitu ya cc ? Tapi bagus , bulu matanya cetarr sekali wkwkwkkw

    Btw visit my blog back ^^

    1. ia jadinya smokey gtu.. :)
      cetarr membahana banget.. hahaha

      Thank you ya :)
      I'll visit your blog

  3. Wah.. bagus tu shade nya..

    visit ya,

  4. Hwaaaa..cantikk banget! Manis ada lesung pipi nya sayyy..:D

    Visit blogku yah :)

    1. Makasii syg, km juga cantik.. :)

      Ia, i'll visit yours :)

    2. akhirnya bisa follow juga..xixiix td ol pake hape sayy ^^

    3. Aku juga uda follow km lho..