May 25, 2013

Tutorial : Tinkerbell Fantasy

Helo gorgeous!!
How are you? hope you have a blast day always..

Today post is a tutorial again and its fantasy look again..
Costume party not just for halloween right??
hahahaa *maksa

for this look, i do in my sister face, because she always asking for doing makeup on her :)
seriously i don't know what the match name for this look, when doing this, i just make it, i don't thinking the theme. i want to use green color, so i think this will be a forest fairy look, but my hand make it different.. 0.0 At the end it more look like a bird look than fairy look.. LOL...
here the look..

Here the step by step
1. use green cream eyeshadow, make 3 (three) shape
2. use light green cream in inner corner of eyes and in front of  first green
3. line with black eyeliner like in the picture & apply blue cream eyeshadow in upper line
4. shape and color your brow with glittery green eyeliner
5. use purple eyeshadow in outer lid, blend to inner lid. in lower lid, use that light green color
6. apply pink blush, black dots along that 3 shape, use glitter above that dots
7.  for lips i mix that green and light green :D
Actually i was confuse how to describe that step by step, but i tried my best!!
PS: if you use powder eyeshadow, use eye primer to make that color stick and more even.

Please help me to name this look, leave comments below :D
thank you for reading...
love you gorgeous



  1. waah keren, mungkin bisa dikasi nama cute tinkerbell <3

    1. Awww, aku juga kpikiran nama tinkerbell.. :D
      Thank you dear for your comment.. :)

  2. kreatif banget. kereeeeen.

    mampir ke blog ku ya ^^