May 16, 2013

Tutorial : IBB MAY 2013 MUC : "DULL TO DOLL"

Hey ladies...
Today post is about IBB MAY 2013 MUC.. This month theme is "DULL TO DOLL" quite interesting theme right?? So i decided to join this MUC

Please join this MUC, i love to take a look at your dolly look. (click the MUC pict, link to the site)
Emm, in my mind, doll look is flawless skin, big eyes, small full lips, small nose, fresh, and cute..
And my face absolutly not look like that! I have acne problem all over my face!
So, lets see can i change from dull to doll??

dull face
 I think i'm not cute enough to be a doll. Hahaha
 lets go to eyes tutorial first before you see my final dolly look

 how to?
1. apply your eye base if you want your eyeshadow last long and if your eyeshadow not pigmented (i don't use it)
2. apply soft pink in eyelid
3. apply black eyeshadow in your crease, and make a winged eyeshadow like in photo (i don't know how to describe it >,<)
4. apply white eyeliner in your water line, tap it with white eyeshadow to set it.
5. balance your eyes with applying same black color in low lid
6. false lashes is a must to achieve that big dolly eyes
What i use:
1. Face
- lioele water drop BB - not good enough for covering, but good to brighten up my face
- oriflame conceal kit - not good enough to cover acne, but i just have this right now, my order  haven't come yet.
- pigeon powder - my mum bought this and i must use it up  before bought new one. -.-
- PAC brown blush - for contouring my face
- Latulipe eyeshadow no.01 (soft pink color)
- Oriflame Mono Eyeshadow Essentials in Midnight
- white eyeshadow
- false lashes
3. lips
 - latulipe lipstick

because i'm a #camwhore, forgive me for many pict of my face... :D

That's all my dolly look
thank you for reading lovely Ladies...



  1. ga makeup or makeup-an sama2 cute!=D hehehe...
    thx for the nice comment on my blog. will do the review of the nailpolish soon...
    good luck yaaaa

    1. Thank you so much darlaa..
      Wil stay tune for your post!