May 11, 2013

BBB: Benefit Brow Bar!! + makeover

Hellooo gorgeous!!
you must be know Benefit cosmetics right??
and you know benefit cosmetics have a pop-up store at Plaza Indonesia Level 3???
This pop-up store is just for 4 months, may-August  2013 and they will open their real store at Plaza Senayan at October 2013

Last Thursday i got a phone call by them, make a appointment to be their brow bar model!!
so excited about this!
 Benefit make me came to PI yesterday at Friday, and what i find??

cute all in pink!!!
pop-up store

There's 3 big table and 5 sets of tester of all product they have in Indonesia, i think its quite complete..

There have perfumes, foundation, powder, blush, mascara, liner, concealer, skin care, etc..
they have prepared many sponge, tissue, and other things we need to try their products.
All applicator are clean, because after we using it, they clean the brush with cleanser.

Oh GOD, i'm in love with hoola, great bronzer..

Totally love this hello flawless! powder. really really make my face flawless

brow bar
This is brow bar area, they have cleanser, cooling cream, wax, brow kit for mapping brow.

Lets go seeing my before and after brow :)

There is big different! Now my brow is  neater..
forgive me i don't have step by step she making my brow, and i forgot to bring brow bar brochure back :(
you could  go to that store and asking their brochure for sure before doing this..

But i make that step by step photo, from what i see and hear..
They have procedure, they will tell the customer step by step how to trim brow into good shape and ask to their customer what kind of shape we would like..

here photo step by step:
1. find your beginning of brow. place a stick like this picture below.
2. find the arch of the brow. that stick should connect nose to middle part of our eye ball, so we should see straight to mirror for this.
3. find the end of the brow. that stick should connect your nose to your outer low eyelid.
Thats what she told me, after we find our guide, draw a line to connect that dot, make it thick or this as you wish. after we have the shape, they will wax it or tweeze it.
Benefit have a rule, you can wax it if you don't use any doctor skin care. BUT if you use doctor skin care, you can't wax it, must tweeze it, because if you use doctor skin care, your skin is sensitive, and if you wax it, there is a chance your skin will also pull out.
Because i use doctor skin care, i can't have a wax..

with kak Ocha
This is Ocha, She's very friendly, shes the one who working my brow. Thank you so much...

you must me asking for the price??
I think the price is not too high - but i think i wont do that if i must pay (please do't judge me), luckily I got it for free :) because Benefit pick me up as their model... Thank you so much benefit..
brow wax - IDR 90.000
Brow tweeeze - IDR 140.000
There lips wax n chin wax too, but i forgot the price...

Must tell you, after tweeze, my skin going red like have burn! But thankfully they do put on makeup on my face, so we have a makeover there! they clean out all my face and make my face flawless, smooth, so amazing..

with kak Fitri
This is Fitri, Shes the one who makeover me, making my face flawless, smooth, and i got many great tips from her.. she do smokey eyes, but i forgot to take detail picture :(
I'm so sorry..
From all makeup product she put on my face, i was impressed with:
1.  Hallo Flawless! - really give me flawless and smooth look
2. Hoola Bronzer - i think i always love bronzer
3. Bad Gal Liner - this is so intense liner
Price can't lie :)
with my BF
He's my beloved boyfriend who always accompany me to everywhere..

Seriously like that benefit mirror, so handy, so cute

Thats my experience with benefit at their pop-up store..
Share with me if you've been there too...

Please leave any question and comments  below

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