Jun 28, 2013

Tutorial : Smokey Purple

Hey Hey Ladies...
Long time don't post any tutorial and now i will post a lot. hahahaha~

smokey purple have a space now...
Who love purple??
in my opinion, purple can be cheerful, elegant, and mysterious..

 SO, here what i do with purple again...

Jun 25, 2013

Tutorial : Sunset in me

Hey gorgeous!!
its been a while since my last post..
quite busy last weekend :) and i will post what  do last weekend soon!! of course it have related to beauty things..

today post focus is a pretty color name 'Tangerine'!! and this tutorial look i do for looxperiments june looxchallenge colab with endi feng..

in this look, i do ulzzang ombre lips too..

Jun 20, 2013

Tutorial : Tsubasa Masuwaka Gyaru Style "Dolly wink 08. pure little" inspired

Hey Gorgeous!!

you Must be confuse with this long long long title.. hahahaha
i write it like that because i was planing to make few look (hope i can) inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka for joining Pygmalion Land Makeup Contest !!
This is must join Makeup Contest especially for you who love gyaru..
Thank you so much for Meilani who create this MUC :*

As what i ever said, i love to join every MUC i know. not because the prize, but because with joining 
MUC, i learn something new, get much inspiration and of course i have something to show you in my blog. :D

First submission from me, pure little look

Jun 18, 2013

Tutorial : Sweet Escape (IBB MUC June 2013 'Color your Style)

Holaa gorgeous!
Today i do post a look tutorial again...
Yeeei, after long long time i dont post a look because irritation problem, but now my skin be normal again...

So, today look is for entering IBB MUC theme 'color your style', i'm so excited join every MUC i know, because it make me thinking and searching any inspiration for making a tutorial base on MUC theme.
Because of some trouble and my eyeshadow palette don't come to me this month, so i don't have much eyeshadow color to use, i was thinking i won't join this MUC, but now i change my mind.. hahaha

So lets get started..

Jun 17, 2013

Review : Acnes UV TINT

Hey gorgeous!
Another review from me, and today is indonesia local brand..
And i think for local brand, i will use Bahasa..

Jun 13, 2013

Review : e.l.f Acne Fighting Foundation (in beige)

Hey hey gorgeous!
I'm back with a review again..
Today i will do a review for e.l.f acne fighting foundation in beige..
Okay, i bought this because they said its acne fighting foundation, and i have acne problem, so i need to try this out.. :)
i bought this online so i cant try the shades, and i just pick what seems alike with my skin color..

so Lets started..

Jun 10, 2013

Review : Revlon just bitten lipstain + balm

Hey gorgeous...
how do you do??
it's been few days i don't post anything..
this few days my face have a problem , my face irritate when i clean my face with soap or with cleanser, so i avoided to use makeup this few days but of course i will still update my blog, I'll do reviews for few products i just got..

Let's started..

Jun 5, 2013

Review : D'Eyeko, Olga Lydia "In Da Club"

Hei hei gorgeous!!
Lets talk about Lashes..

 I got this lashes From BTI May BOX, this lashes from D'Eyeko, Olga Lydia Lashes series called "In Da Club"

This what i read at their web
In Da Club:
Punya acara spesial & harus dandan cantik to the max? Masukkan bulu mata ini dalam check list-mu. Dengan volume padat, tekstur & kelentikan yang sangat jelas, di depan kamera pun bulu mata ini terlihat dramatis.

Jun 3, 2013

tutorial : hooded and monolid eyes

Hey Gorgeous!!
want to talk about hooded and monolid eyes
Asian Women mostly have monolid eyes or hooded eyes.
and i think the problem of that 2 kind of eyes is same, it's hard to put on eyeshadow in right way for both of them.
for me, i have hooded eyes, so when i open my eyes, seems like there is no crease in my eyes.

Jun 1, 2013

Tutorial : Anime Look

Hey gorgeous!!
today i post a anime look
As you all know, Anime have a signature BIG eyes look, am i right??
this post gonna be quick :)