Jun 1, 2013

Tutorial : Anime Look

Hey gorgeous!!
today i post a anime look
As you all know, Anime have a signature BIG eyes look, am i right??
this post gonna be quick :)

This look is so  simple to create..
1. apply white eyeshadow in all eyelid, apply in low lid too
2. use black eyeshadow make a winged line then bring it to crease. blend it all
3. draw line along that white in low lid, then make a lashes stroke effect at the end.
2. key for big eyes look is lashes. apply long lashes both up and bottom lashes.
then your big anime eyes is done :)

 Key for anime look is big eyes and natural makeup, so make it as simple and as natural possible.

hope i can give you inspiration for cosplay look maybe ??
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