Jul 28, 2013

Tutorial : Simple Green

Hey Gorgeous!!
it almost the feast of Eid al-Fitr 2013
I believe all Muslims welcome Eid with gratitude especially to those who successfully complete the fasting month. 
 as in the general feast, we will definitely get together with extended family, and of course also want to look as good as possible, right??
Today i will do a very simple tutorial, a youthful and cheerful look with green color. because Eid is identical with green color..

Review : current fav lippie - Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick

Heloo gorgeous!!
How do you do???
Hope you have a blast weekend...

Sorry for missing a while,i have much break outs because my unstable 
hormon.. it make me cant do any tutorial, so Today i will do a review for
my current favorite lipstick. :D

This lipstick is from maybelline
And my favourite color

Jul 23, 2013

Tutorial : Poison Ivy Inspired

Hey gorgeous!!

I've been as sweet as candy in last post and today a bold look again.. :D
When i do this tutorial, i was thinking about poison ivy (she have a golden orange color), but i want to use green color. So i search something can link me to her. Hahaha.

And i do googling for her makeup, so this what i made...

I found much picture that show she have green leaves in her brow, and that leaves make pattern like chevron pattern in my eyes, so that be my green!!
And orange came in my lips and cheeks :D

Jul 18, 2013

Tutorial : Candylicious

hey gorgeous!!
How was your day?

this is a very special tutorial for me, i tell u why..

DO you know ci Jilly from kireimakeup.com?
I love to looking her tutorial, especially colorful look, you must check it out!! she is very talented and creative in mixing color.

And, what related this tutorial to her?
    couple month ago (end of april) she ever make a candiliscious tutorial and i'm in love with that. she say feel free to do that look, and i decided to create my own candiliscious makeup too.
so you can say, i got this theme inspired by her :D

i do research what color people usually use for candilicious look, and yeah, all color is include,  almost like rainbow.
so confuse what color i want, at the end i pick some sweet color in my opinion to create this look
(include color that ci Jilly pick)

Jul 16, 2013

Tutorial : Arabian Night

Heelooow gorgeous!!
How do you do?
Hope everything is well

On weekend i don't post anything and i feels so not productive -.-
Well, today i came back with new tutorial of course..

This tutorial i made for looxperiments #looxchallenge, along with this month of fasting, looxperiment have this super exotic theme "Arabian Night"
As we all know, Arabian makeup concentrated in eyes (which i love the most), play with bold color and sharp eyeliner, make sexy and mysterious look..

Jul 12, 2013

DIY Tutorial : Paper Lashes

hey gorgeous!!
How was your day?

today i will do a different tutorial from usual..
Usually i make a makeup tutorial but now, i will make a DIY tutorial..
And this DIY is related with beauty of course..

Have you heard about a paper lashes?
I've been heard about this since 1 year ago, and i  adore that cute lashes so much..


Tutorial : My Alter Ego (IBB MUC July 13)

Hay gorgeous...

How do you do?
As usual, IBB this month held a makeup challenge again, and this month IBB MUC theme is "Alter Ego" sponsored by Maybelline
Lets talk a bit about alter ego..
Alter ego ( in latin means "the other i" ) is a situation in which an individual's personality split personality so it appears others.
Personality is usually an expression of the main personalities who emerged as major private can not realize the things you want to do.
In simple word, it can be said that there is one person who has personally had more than one or two personality at once. Sometimes the patient does not know that he has a split personality, two existing personality in the body is also not know each other and worse sometimes have two contradictory nature.
Alter ego causes by trauma in childhood, mainly due to abuse and saw death. Children denied being abused and seen death, so that someone else (personality) came out to replace them for a while ..
Someone with alter ego after changing personality like that, usually don't know what happens before, they just feels have fall asleep for very long time.
That's why alter ego usually is arrogant or introvert part of you.

Here i show you my daily look and my alter ego..

Jul 5, 2013

June new products

Hollaa Gorgeous...

i make a post again, hope you dont get bored reading my blog. this 3 days i do make post everyday, to pay off last month i post not too much. And now i have make my schedule to do a post for now on, so everything will be well-ordered...

So, last month i got pretty many new beauty products, i dont title this haul because i want to post not just things i bought, but thing i got from other too..

so, lets see

Jul 4, 2013

Tutorial : Minion Inspired Look

Hey hey ladies....

I do post again and today tutorial is so special because i got inspiration from Despicable Me minion.. They are so cuteee :D
FYI, i do hunting this minions in 3 days with no result, and finally my boy found it.. :D

SO happy i finally can have my own minion.. yaay!!
i don't know how with you all, but around me most of my friends do hunting this minion too..

Jul 3, 2013

Even Report : Etude Time 4 Beauty Carnaval Event

Hey gorgeous!!

I want to share about beauty event i attend, etude time 4 beauty carnaval that was held 2 weeks ago (sorry for very late report) and this will be very long post...

In this event there is some competition like makeup artist competition, jingle competition, singing competition, cover dance competition.
And i was join their makeup artist competition :)
So here i was report not just as beauty blogger who attend their product launch, but i also report about makeup artist competition that i was join...
So hope you enjoy and like what i share..

Tutorial : Godess Look

Hey", welcome back....

As you know, i join etude MUC, and now i will post a tutorial for what i do on etude time 4 beauty carnaval makeup artist competition, and my friend wanda become my model at the event:D
but unfortunately, she cant have time to met me again in this 2 weeks for doing the tutorial, so i use my face.

The big theme of this competition is beauty carnaval... and what i think is making a beauty goddess carnaval look..

Here is wanda.. Sorry for blur pict, my hand is shaking that time. so nervous >.<
but still, she is so gorgeous :D