Jul 16, 2013

Tutorial : Arabian Night

Heelooow gorgeous!!
How do you do?
Hope everything is well

On weekend i don't post anything and i feels so not productive -.-
Well, today i came back with new tutorial of course..

This tutorial i made for looxperiments #looxchallenge, along with this month of fasting, looxperiment have this super exotic theme "Arabian Night"
As we all know, Arabian makeup concentrated in eyes (which i love the most), play with bold color and sharp eyeliner, make sexy and mysterious look..

Lets go to the tutorial..

1. With purple color, make a winged eyeshadow
2. Use green color in inner corner
3. Use light blue in middle of eyelid
4. Blend darker blue in the crease
5. With black eyeliner, draw a line in low lid, apply eyeliner in waterline too
6. Apply gold color in low lid
7. Make a winged eyeliner, can be thick or thin, its up to you
8. Apply mascara and false lashes..
And you are done :)

So as usual, Photo attack..
hahaha :D

looks like  have a short hair cut.. haahha

Some people just do a makeup like so, but for me i do a sketch first because sometimes in got many idea for one look, 
i need to draw it first, so i know how it come and which one is the best in my opinion..
here i show you my sketch before i do this arabian night tutorial.

Thank you for dropping by...
And i love to read n reply all comments, so please leave some words for me :D
I really want to know what do you think of my Arabian inspired look??!
And Have you make your Arabian Night Look??
PS: can i ask you a favor? in first photo, i seems like have a short hair cut, please give me your opinion, does that short hair suit me? >.<


  1. kereeen re! you're so creative.... paling suka yang matanya aja 4 bijik! ituuu killer banget arabian eyesnyaaa. love

    1. Thank you kak Shaa :*
      ih, bahagia d makeup yg aku buat disukain... :D

  2. ya ampun sis,,keren & cantik bgt dech makeup matanya (^_^) aku manaaaa bisa dandan kyk gitu walopun ngikutin tutorialnya..hahaha salut dech!

    1. Makasii kak ehara :*
      Pst bisa kok, cobain aja.. :D
      Aku juga ga bisa awal na, tapi aku coba trus. Hahaha