Jul 5, 2013

June new products

Hollaa Gorgeous...

i make a post again, hope you dont get bored reading my blog. this 3 days i do make post everyday, to pay off last month i post not too much. And now i have make my schedule to do a post for now on, so everything will be well-ordered...

So, last month i got pretty many new beauty products, i dont title this haul because i want to post not just things i bought, but thing i got from other too..

so, lets see

 here some new brush i bought at pasar baru except the elf blending brush of course..
All brush i bought at pasar baru is under IDR 16.000 pretty cheap right? but not all store give cheap price. i found all store sell fake bobby brown brush around 35.000 and there another brush in 75.000, so still need to asking and explore one by one to got cheap price. yea i know all is fake and unbranded, but its okay for beginner like me.. :)

 and here is all etude face liquid product..
i got foundation, bb cream, cc cream and primer
bb cream and foundation in light beige shade, so it's too light for me.. :( i need to mix it with darker shade. but all is good product and have good smell too.
 here is lippie..
i got etude lip pencil refil, maybelline lip smooth, and maybelline color sensational in nude pearl.
and i love the nude pearl so much, it nude and shimmery, and so smooth, i dont like matte lipstick, but i dont like too glossy lipstick too, so this is perfect for me..

 this is all powder product
i got maybelline clear smooth all in one cake powder in sand beige and etude dear me blooming cheek.
the lilac color i use as my highliter and i love it... :D

 here is eye product, i got etude lilac and orange single eyeshadow and a etude mascara remover sample .
i love this 2 eyeshadow color, and i wear it like every day.. i use the orange as my lip color, give e a orange color like i want, until now i haven't got a orange lipstick for me, and i think i more love using my petroleum jelly and my eyeshadow to make my lip color..

And that's all my june new beauty product...
I love to share everything with you, and of course i love read your comments and talk to you...
Thank you so much for giving your time to read my post



  1. Absolutely LOVE all your Etude house products! Great haul!~ *___* So jealous~

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    1. Hai june...
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      Thank you dear....

  2. Wonderful post...I really like your blog.^^
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    1. Yes dear...
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  4. Nice products!!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥