May 28, 2013

Tutorial : LACE eyes

Hey hey hey gorgeous!!

so excited for this look....
Actually when i was n high school, i often use liquid liner for dancing makeup, making kind of eyeliner art, something like that. hahaha
and i miss make it again, so today i make a tutorial using liquid eyeliner..
for me, making art with liquid liner is up to your creativity and to your sense, someone like make circle, some may make line, some like to combine it..
AND for me, i kind of confuse with what i make. I'm not creative person in making great abstract line, so if you pay attention, what i make is so messy >.<

so here is the look

Winning IBB April 2013 MUC : Prize from NYX

Hello baby!!
today i post about what i got from IBB April 2013 MUC  (click it to see my look to win this), actually at first, i feel so excited. but when my prize came, it's a bit disappointed.. you will know why then..

For me, NYX is a drugstore brand quite affordable, and good quality product. but when it come in Indonesia, like some other brand the price is become higher, so many people bought NYX from onlineshop than from their counter.

so let's started...
I got 6 things here

May 25, 2013

Tutorial : Tinkerbell Fantasy

Helo gorgeous!!
How are you? hope you have a blast day always..

Today post is a tutorial again and its fantasy look again..
Costume party not just for halloween right??
hahahaa *maksa

for this look, i do in my sister face, because she always asking for doing makeup on her :)
seriously i don't know what the match name for this look, when doing this, i just make it, i don't thinking the theme. i want to use green color, so i think this will be a forest fairy look, but my hand make it different.. 0.0 At the end it more look like a bird look than fairy look.. LOL...
here the look..

May 23, 2013

Tutorial : Galaxy

Hey gorgeous!
What did you think when hear about galaxy?
Shirt? Short? Legging? jacket? Shoes? Or other fashion items? I was thinking about makeup.. :)
So today i will post about galaxy inspired look..
Galaxy in many pict i've ever seen,  it's contain 4 dominant color : purple, blue, black and white..

Unboxing : Beauty Treats MAY 2013 BOX

heloo gorgeous!!
how do you do?
yesterday, may 22, i just have my May box beauty treats..
 i tried to post in that same day but i don't have much time so i work it til late so i can post it as soon as possible :)


this is packaging, how every box will came to you. it came in a carton like a shoes box..

May 20, 2013

EOTD : kiwi


huuuh, miss posting any tutorial, but i have some trouble here, hope i can post any tutorial soon..

today i want to post a Fruitilicious EOTD, this look i created for join the looxperiments looxchallenge. every month they have a looxchallenge with different theme and from my EOTD, i believe you have know what looxchallenge theme this month.. it's  May Looxchallenge : Fruitilicious.

 so here my kiwi eyes

May 16, 2013

Tutorial : IBB MAY 2013 MUC : "DULL TO DOLL"

Hey ladies...
Today post is about IBB MAY 2013 MUC.. This month theme is "DULL TO DOLL" quite interesting theme right?? So i decided to join this MUC

Please join this MUC, i love to take a look at your dolly look. (click the MUC pict, link to the site)
Emm, in my mind, doll look is flawless skin, big eyes, small full lips, small nose, fresh, and cute..
And my face absolutly not look like that! I have acne problem all over my face!
So, lets see can i change from dull to doll??

May 13, 2013

Tutorial : Bold Daring Look

Hey Gorgeous....
if before i post a soft romantic look, now i will post the Bold Daring look..
Wait a minute, why am I talking about soft romantic look  again? is there any relation?
oh, yes, of course ...

So, what things make them related??
Can you guess it??
give applause to yourself who answer I use the same product for creating these two looks
the same product I use  is LaTulipe Eyeshadow no.01

so lets get started before you close this blog because boring with all my write :)

step by step

May 11, 2013

BBB: Benefit Brow Bar!! + makeover

Hellooo gorgeous!!
you must be know Benefit cosmetics right??
and you know benefit cosmetics have a pop-up store at Plaza Indonesia Level 3???
This pop-up store is just for 4 months, may-August  2013 and they will open their real store at Plaza Senayan at October 2013

Last Thursday i got a phone call by them, make a appointment to be their brow bar model!!
so excited about this!
 Benefit make me came to PI yesterday at Friday, and what i find??

cute all in pink!!!
pop-up store

May 10, 2013

Soft Romantic look

Hellooo gorgeous!
its been 4 day since my last post, and now i came back with a look that i hope i can inspired you all beauty ladies..

today look in Romantic look and i use LaTulipe Eyeshadow no.01 for this look +PAC Brown Blush (i forgot what shade i have) :)

and here we go

May 6, 2013

Bleaching my HAIR!!

Helo Beauty Lovers...
Ladies, today i'm bleaching my hair!!
I know  bleaching wasn't god for hair, but i was bored with my black hair, and i love coloring my hair...
in April, i just color my hair red but its not giving any change in my hair, my hair still dark,  so i decided to bleach my hair.
and you know what? it turn out messy..

I feels like zebra right now..
but the shocking things is when i show my zebra hair to my man and he said he likes it..

here some photo i take

with daylight, no flash

May 4, 2013

EOTD wing eyes ++

Helo Beauty Lovers...
I'm here again, today post about my face again...
hahaha, hope you don't ge bored looking at my face :)

as you can see in my every blog post, i love doing my eyes..
and now i want to try something new in this blog, make a wing in my eyes.
"wing?? like winged eyeliner?!"
no,no,no! not like everyday winged eyeliner that i already post in here before, but more art look wing eyeliner..

if you follow my Twitter, Instagram (@ri_ri_riyanti) or be my friend in facebook, you must be already know what i want to post :)
so please follow me and mention me for follow back :)

for you who don't follow, you must be curious what kind of look it is...
and here we goo


Simple statement Wing eyes

May 3, 2013

Review : Evian Facial Spray

Hello Gorgeous...
HOw was your day?

from the title, you must be know i want to post a review now..
this product, i already bought it a week ago, that time, this product have a promo "with + Rp 1.000 you will get 2 product" amazing right??
I bought this because of my mom ask me to buy a facial spray for her, she saw a magazine that reviewing a facial spray. But i dont bought spray that she look at that magazine because i don't met that product at drugstore i went.
At that drugstore, i ask the cashier about facial spray and she say they just have this evian facial spray in their store, this is best selling product, many people asking about this product when it out of stock and of course the promo..

Tutorial: simple smokey

heloo georgeous!
how do you do?

you know, for making 1 post, i need at least 5 - 6 hours..
first putting on all makeup with taking picture every step
second, editing every picture, sorting it all so you got the best shoot to see
third, typing the post..
and i must say, its hard for me to do that..
and im so proud with all beauty blogger that really really give their time for making good post .
And for you all reader who don't doing blogging things, please give appreciation for all blogs that you read, because now i know how hard making blog in all routine we have.

Back to the topic ladies, Today i post a simple look, you can use as prom look, bridal look, and other formal - semiformal event.

lets take a look..

May 2, 2013

Purple AciD

heloo gorgeous!
I want to post something purple today, this is my apology for posting many giveaway yesterday.. I just can't resist them and i FYI i just look at 4 more giveaways now..

for you ladies who loves giveaway, maybe tomorrow i will post about some giveaways i look at again..


Back to the topic, today look is inspired by pink and purple color, i use pink color but it doesn't stand out in photo, i don't know why  but i think it's because i blend it with purple..
anyway, lets take a look

May 1, 2013

Giveaway "sashimidolly's giveaway"

Laddiess, another giveaway...

Giveaway againn 'Beauty Chica Research Giveaway '

Ladies, giveaway again...

Giveaway i've join "Projectnyc giveaway"

Helooow Ladiesss!!!
You know, i'm such a fool, i don't realize that i haven't set my comments setting, so that make you guys can't post any comments.. T.T
forgive my all beautiful Ladies.
I have re-setting that  and make sure you can leave any comments...
Thank you Nancy Liando for telling me this.
and now i want to post about other giveaway that i join..
this is it...