May 2, 2013

Purple AciD

heloo gorgeous!
I want to post something purple today, this is my apology for posting many giveaway yesterday.. I just can't resist them and i FYI i just look at 4 more giveaways now..

for you ladies who loves giveaway, maybe tomorrow i will post about some giveaways i look at again..


Back to the topic, today look is inspired by pink and purple color, i use pink color but it doesn't stand out in photo, i don't know why  but i think it's because i blend it with purple..
anyway, lets take a look

Photo: Purple AciD - on blog now (link in bio)

Question: how i did this??
Answer: 1. use foundation or bb cream or cc cream or whatever you like..
2. cover all blemish, dark spot, dark cycle, and other imperfection with conceal
3.  powder to set everything in place.
4.  eyes area: + apply pink eyeshadow all over eyelid.
+ use purple in outer and blend it in the crease
+ i use orange color in middle lid
+ for bottom eyelid, i use purple in outer, blue in middle and pink in inner
+ line your eyes, apply mascara and use false lashes (ps: my false lashes in this tutorial was so bad and i already throw it away!)
5. use your pink or coral blush in apple of your cheeks
6. nude lip color complete the whole look

That's it, hope you can enjoy, forgive me for bad photo today, i was in hurry, so i don't got any good photo, but i promise will be better in next post! i will post tutorial again tomorrow..

AND i Just got a very very amazingly good news!!
I won IBB April 2013 MUC
oh i'm so glad, its unbelievable...
thank you for reading ladies...

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