May 23, 2013

Tutorial : Galaxy

Hey gorgeous!
What did you think when hear about galaxy?
Shirt? Short? Legging? jacket? Shoes? Or other fashion items? I was thinking about makeup.. :)
So today i will post about galaxy inspired look..
Galaxy in many pict i've ever seen,  it's contain 4 dominant color : purple, blue, black and white..


 this is new in my blog, i'm using animated photo
tell me is that greater or better i use grid photo??

 seriously i confused with this, because all photo i take wasn't good enough to show you..
forgive me... T.T
Basically,  creating this galaxy look is depends of your sense and creativity..
1. use primer in all area you will work with.
2. use white color in area you want
3. use blue color, you can use light blue or dark blue, i use light blue first and combine with dark color at the end..
4. apply purple or hot pink in rest of area.
5. use black color lightly and blend it well at blue color side, and some area of purple.. the point is blend and make it like what you like to see it
6. use glitter or rhinestone to make bling bling like star effect..
7. line your eyes to frame it and make it intense, don't forget lashes :)

the lips i use same blue and purple color but i use black base to make it more dark
Okay, you know i will post so many photo here..
Camwhore timeee ;)

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  1. You're so talented, dear :)

    btw, aku boleh kasih saran ga? di komen boxmu banyak komen spam, gmana kalau diaktifkan aja filter utk spamnya? :)

    In The Name Of Colors

    1. Thank you dear...

      Ia nh, aku bkl aktifin filter spam.. :)

    2. Thanks ya udah follow blog ku ;)
      Aku follow back ya~

      Ehe... Thanks untuk komentarmu di blogku.

  2. wow keren! lebih keren lagi kalo dipaduin ama kostum fairy, jadi kesannya fairy dari outerspace gitu. misterius, and pretty.

    salam kenal ya

    1. Hahaha, thank you... :)
      Will do that kl ktmu kostum yg pas.. :D