May 6, 2013

Bleaching my HAIR!!

Helo Beauty Lovers...
Ladies, today i'm bleaching my hair!!
I know  bleaching wasn't god for hair, but i was bored with my black hair, and i love coloring my hair...
in April, i just color my hair red but its not giving any change in my hair, my hair still dark,  so i decided to bleach my hair.
and you know what? it turn out messy..

I feels like zebra right now..
but the shocking things is when i show my zebra hair to my man and he said he likes it..

here some photo i take

with daylight, no flash

with flash

Make a hair style with this in process hair coloring XD

just less than 15 minutes, the brown color appear

very very in love with this root color..

be ombre hair

 LOOK, the top, middle, and end, they're different, so light at the end, still dark in middle, medium coor at top!
left: no flash , Right: with flash
 seems like i have ombre hair, black to brown.. :)
left: no flash , Right: with flash
 i think with braid you can see the striped hair more well.
up: no flash , down: with flash
 i don't know how to call this gradient hair color..
ombre is from dark to light, but my hair have Medium to dark to light!
what you call this color??

i was using miranda hair bleach, this brand is so cheap, i just want give a try for this product.. and i'm not comfortable with using this bleaching powder, when it dry, the powder fall out and make my floor so dirty.. >.<
I wait for an hour after that i use shampoo and conditioner like usual..
and my hair feel so smooth..
Oh yea, FYI i don't use miranda peroxide, i use makarizo vol 30 developer, just use bleach powder from miranda.

in my opinions:
- good for making ombre hair style
- fast work, just in 15 minutes my black become light brown
- super cheap

- messy work
- zebra result
- don't really wash out all black in my hair
I love my  new hair color, it's not boring like i have one tone color hair. NOw i have 3 tone color with just one bleaching product..
that's just my opinion, please share your experience with this brand product if you ever use...
Thank you for reading Beauties...



  1. Can you tell us more about this? I'd want to find out some additional information.

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    1. What more you want to know about? :)
      I dont wash my hair one day before doing this, so my scalp can be protect with my natural hair oil.
      i put this bleach product at my end first, then going to up. Thats make i have brighter end.
      I do not have a definite measure for bleach powder and peroxide, I put on my instinct. But i find that with more peroxide your bleach wont work so well, so dont use too much peroxide.
      Hope i can helps you.. :)
      Thanks for reading..