May 28, 2013

Winning IBB April 2013 MUC : Prize from NYX

Hello baby!!
today i post about what i got from IBB April 2013 MUC  (click it to see my look to win this), actually at first, i feel so excited. but when my prize came, it's a bit disappointed.. you will know why then..

For me, NYX is a drugstore brand quite affordable, and good quality product. but when it come in Indonesia, like some other brand the price is become higher, so many people bought NYX from onlineshop than from their counter.

so let's started...
I got 6 things here

1.1. NYX Powder Blush in SAND
        I couldn't find this shade in their web, but i found it in CC store..
        this blush is soft brown color and shimmering, feels like i have summer glow in my cheeks when i use it..

2. NYX single eyeshadow in Deep Purple and Suede
    Same like blush, this color i can't find at their web. found it on cc store..
I love this 2 color.. the deep purple is good for making purple smokey and the suede is good for natural look.  And you know, the package of suede e/s is broke, defective T.T the pict is lil blurr, hope you can see that defective package.

3. 2 side eyeliner - black and silver.
    Okay, this stuff i can't found in their web or cc store. i think this is old stuff. because the label is turn yellow..  like it have been in warehouse for long time.. not smudge-proof.

4. NYX eyebrow pencil in dark brown
    i really really excited when i got this because i was hunting brow stuff this day..  but unlucky me this pencil content is broke in 2. this dark brown is reddish. so dont really like it. i mix it with black pencil to achieve good color for me.

5.  NYX Sheer tube gloss in orange
     This gloss have glitter in it. sheer color, you can use it by it self or use lipstick first.. not to sticky, fruit aroma. this came in very good condition..

I put it together. hahaha
I'm still learning making good review swatches

there 3 different light, but i don't know what kind of light they are..
must be confuse with that all color in my back hand. hahaha

Let's start from left side:
1. suede e/s
2. deep purple e/s 
pro : love it, not powdery, pigmented
Con : cheap quality package

then go to up:
1. silver from 2 side pencil
pro : lovely silver, because some silver pencil i ever use isn't intense like this
con : the lid can not used, always fall off.
2. black from 2 side pencil
pro : quite intense but not smudge-proof. 
con : the lid can not used, always fall off.
3. dark brown from brow pencil 
pro : have brush at other end, simple package
con : more like light brown for me, so reddish, not suite me who have very dark eyebrow. the content easily broken
4. sand blush
pro : not powdery, pigmented, shimmering, the color is quite brown but it's shimmering so i don't use it as bronzer even it was perfect for it.
con : cheap plastic package

soooo, over all i love NYX product, but i don't like their service. i know i got it for free, i shouldn't complain.
but How can Indonesia be a better country if moral of the people like this?
you want to be sponsor  but give not good condition product??
so not professional.. 
Forgive me for complain, no mean anything, just wanted to express my displeasure

Thank you for reading..


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