May 4, 2013

EOTD wing eyes ++

Helo Beauty Lovers...
I'm here again, today post about my face again...
hahaha, hope you don't ge bored looking at my face :)

as you can see in my every blog post, i love doing my eyes..
and now i want to try something new in this blog, make a wing in my eyes.
"wing?? like winged eyeliner?!"
no,no,no! not like everyday winged eyeliner that i already post in here before, but more art look wing eyeliner..

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for you who don't follow, you must be curious what kind of look it is...
and here we goo


Simple statement Wing eyes

sorry i don't have the tutorial, i was forgot to take pict when i doing that..
and i include this look at #WingNwink giveaway by Endi Feng and lalaluna beauty
go to their blog to join this giveaway

I really really enjoying doing this kind of look, i mean i like to make a character makeup and other makeup that you can see big different in it.

in this post i will include other look that i ever made in me and my sister face

Lady Gaga Inspired


cat makeup

butterfly eyes

And this is makeup i create for "Alice and Wonderland" Theater Theme that direct and write by my very talented friend named jessica


red Queen

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 if you have any request look, please tell me in comments below, i will be so happy if i can make it for you..
Thank you so much...