May 10, 2013

Soft Romantic look

Hellooo gorgeous!
its been 4 day since my last post, and now i came back with a look that i hope i can inspired you all beauty ladies..

today look in Romantic look and i use LaTulipe Eyeshadow no.01 for this look +PAC Brown Blush (i forgot what shade i have) :)

and here we go

the eyes:
1. i don't use any base, use if you think you need :) apply brown eyeshadow (in my case Brown blush) in outer corner bring to crease and inner corner of eyes.
2. apply pink eyeshadow in middle part of eyelid and inner lower lid
3. use purple eyeshadow in outer corner and outer lower lid
4. line your eyes with blue liner (in my case i use blue eyeshadow) --> i often do cheat like this because this is more simple especially if you are in traveling, you just need to bring 1 eyeshadow palette that contain bright color, dark color and color you like.. ;)
5. curl your lashes, apply mascara and false lashes if you need.don't forget your lower lashes need mascara too :)
6. i use low fake lashes in my upper lid, because low fake lashes is more short and give me more volume and natural lashes look
7. use highlighter in brow bone.

leave me any comments, so i can fix my fault

Thats my Romantic looks, hope i can inspired you..
Love you Ladies for reading...


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