May 20, 2013

EOTD : kiwi


huuuh, miss posting any tutorial, but i have some trouble here, hope i can post any tutorial soon..

today i want to post a Fruitilicious EOTD, this look i created for join the looxperiments looxchallenge. every month they have a looxchallenge with different theme and from my EOTD, i believe you have know what looxchallenge theme this month.. it's  May Looxchallenge : Fruitilicious.

 so here my kiwi eyes

What kind of fruits you like and inspired you??
share with me, leave comments below...
Happy fruitilicious beautiful ladies :)
thankyou for reading


1 comment:

  1. hihih, kiwi eye nya lucu deh...nice idea!=)
    kuteks fuzzy coat nya emang lucu, hehhheh...