Aug 27, 2013

DIY Tutorial : Fabric Flower Crown

Heloo Gorgeous..

Its been long time i want a flower crown. i ever had it when i was 8 yo. i got it when my aunt married, my dress come with that beautiful pink flower crown..
Every women love flower, every women love crown too. so every women should love flower crown.. hahhaa

Tutorial : Crestfallen Beauty

Haaaiiii Gorgeous!!!
HOw do you do?

Today i bring you a MUC by Pygmalion land who collaborate with @ Flo Lady_Ochie.
They pick theme from @ FloLady_Ochie Book "A Tale of Crestfallen", the theme is 'crestfallen'.
Crestfallen is named of a girl in her book, the challenge is to create makeup look base of Crestfallen Character in the book. 

Aug 24, 2013

Tutorial : Collaborative works part 3 - Twilight Saga Inspired Makeup (Victoria)

Hey gorgeous!!
As you read my title, this is a collaboration post!!
Okay, this is so big for me, a collaboration with 8 super gorgeous beauty blogger!!
Can you imagine, i do a work together with other famous and talented beauty blogger!! Never think i will got this chance for working together with them.. thank you for this opportunity..
So excited for this!!! Not just because i do collaboration with them, but also about theme we use for this collaboration...
Its about Twilight Saga...!

Aug 23, 2013


Heloo Gorgeous!!
How was your day?
Mine?? so SAD!!
I lost my opportunity! not just 1 but 2..
Okay dont talk about it.

Last 17 August 2013, is Indonesian 68th Independence days..
and Kawaii Beauty Japan at their twitter have a photo challenge to send them our original pict that related with 17 August (Indonesian Independence Days).
so here what i send

Aug 22, 2013

Review : REVLON PHOTOREADY Primer, Shadow + sparkle

 hey gorgeous!!
How was your day?

if you follow my twitter or IG or be by friend in FB, you must be know that few weeks ago i won Revlon contest, and this is prize i got.. :D This makes me think Revlon is a super Kind Cosmetic Brand, because usually (other contest i wont) doesn't give super gorgeous Prize like this.. :D
Thank you Revlon, I love you...

Aug 19, 2013

Tutorial : Jessica 'SNSD' Inspired - IBB MUC August 2013

hey gorgeous!!
How was your day?

i was so excited with today post, because today tutorial is related with korean style which is so affects music, fashion, makeup, film, and all other aspect in Indoneia. who doesn't know k-pop? booming everywhere!!

Because this is beauty blog, i will do more focus on their makeup.. Korean people is very care with their skin, you can see it from their glowing healthy face. they have much beauty brands with much skincare too. And most of their beauty brand are famous in Indonesia and other countries too.
Who never tried one of korean product? you must give a tried.. :D

talk about Korean and Beauty
well this month, IBB have a must join challenge!!
This is Pop your K-pop Challenge sponsored by Lioele... come join this MUC, it's end soon..(actually i'm too late to do this) sorry... :(

Aug 16, 2013

Review : E.L.F Little Black Beauty Book - night edition

Hey Sweetie...
How do you do??

Yupp!! today gonna be a review day :D
so long from my last review..
Actually i got this palette in early of July, and this is my first palette.. :D
for me, palette is more than 5 eyeshadow in 1 place. so if i found 3 eyeshadow, i wouldn't call it palette.  just eyeshadow. this is my very own opinion..

I always LOOOVVEEE to look at all eyeshadow palettes, with that all cute color in one place, especially huge palettes!!
I JUST love eyeshadow palettes, never like lipstick palettes, especially combination of Lipstick + eyeshadow / blush / powder. why?? because all powder may fall out and that will ruin the lipstick and thats not hygienic.

as i said, this is my first ever palettes. Before i finally bought this, i do much research to searching palettes from all brand i know. let me tell you, i was searching one big palette that contain all color range. why? because i was thinking i need this palettes for doing a makeup tutorial for my blog, and if i bought a palettes just with a neutral palettes, my tutorial won't be so colorful. right??

so after long research, i found this cute little palettes that contain much color like i want.

Aug 13, 2013

Tutorial : Acid Leopard

heloo GOrgeous...
How was your holiday?
Must be fun right??
i go to my uncle house at that weekend :D

SO, i did this tutorial yesterday and want to post it at night, but  i must go with my mom, and at night i got lack of  internet connection, so i can't post it.. so sorry :(

and back to this tutorial, i got this acid leopard inspiration from nail art i've made before..

Aug 6, 2013

Tutorial : Batman Inspired Look Colaboration with Sha Aullia

Heloo Gorgeous!!
It's new month and new #looxchallenge theme too!!
and this month theme is "SUPERHERO"
super awesome theme...

And for this look, i do colaboration with super gorgeous beauty blogger named Sha Aulia, you must check her out!!
I love to see her face, especially her nose!! *siriksirik hahaha

Our submission for this Batman inspiration look

Aug 4, 2013

Tutorial : CHOLA ?!

Heloo GOrgeous!!
How was your day?

Today i'm back with a MUC!!
This MUC was held by Endi Feng, you can check him out here.

So, He choose CHOLA as this MUC theme..
what is chola?? from what i read, chola is a latin woman gangster!!

Chola have a signature look, high arched brow, bold lips, high bump hair and a bandana..
so, here i am with Chola style!!

I must hide my real brow to draw this super duper high arched brow!!
very challenging,  because its hard to hide my brow perfectly.. T.T

Aug 1, 2013

Tutorial : work it ladies

hey gorgeous!!
How was your day?

At my last tutorial, i do a youthful look, and
today i will do a more mature and professional look..

we can said smokey eyes and bold lips are 2 mature look in generally, because with smokey eyes and bold lips color we're look like putting a heavy makeup on our face which never be good for teen look.
what did you think of when you looking to a 15th y.o girl using a smokey eyes or bold red lips??

and smokey eyes can't be pair with bold lips!! except you go to a costume party..
we need to bring balance in our face, choose one thing you want to be stand out! lips or eye?
for now, i choose lips!!

Who was scared using bold lipstick?? put your hands up!!!! me too... :(
I never can be confident using a bold lips.. feels like it was too mature and everyone was looking at my lips and talking about it!
at first time i use this, the color was uneven, but now after sort of adaptation, it works for me :D
still, everyone was looking, but i dont care, i feels comfy in this lip stain because it's not too bold like lipstick, but still have a color..