Aug 24, 2013

Tutorial : Collaborative works part 3 - Twilight Saga Inspired Makeup (Victoria)

Hey gorgeous!!
As you read my title, this is a collaboration post!!
Okay, this is so big for me, a collaboration with 8 super gorgeous beauty blogger!!
Can you imagine, i do a work together with other famous and talented beauty blogger!! Never think i will got this chance for working together with them.. thank you for this opportunity..
So excited for this!!! Not just because i do collaboration with them, but also about theme we use for this collaboration...
Its about Twilight Saga...!

Here i introduce (and a link to their blog ) who become who..
Nadia -->Rosalia
Lauren --> Carmen
Nila --> Tia 'the Egyptian'
Mellisa --> Kate
me  --> Victoria
Sasya --> Jane
Sanny --> Alice
Iva --> Bella
Devy --> Zafrina

If we watch another movie about vampires, described as a blood-sucking vampire that we do not ever want to meet!
But when we talk about the twilight saga, I believe instead run away, all of you would want to be a vampire too..

Okay, honest from me, vampire i love the most is Alice..
But why i dont become Alice? Because i dont like short hair. Hahaha
And seriously i'm in love with red and curly hair..
And there is Victoria who have that.. so i pick her. Hahaha
But my hair wasn't that red :( and also can't hold that curl well, so i can't have that victoria tight curl hair..

Okay  go for her makeup, on the scene, se not wearing a heavy makeup at all, seems like no makeup at all, very different from the poster. And now i do a makeup base on her poster photo..

Lets started...
1. line your eyes, i using eyeshadow for this
2. victoria have deep crease, so i make a fake crease with liquid liner
3. she also have a sharp inner eyes, i need to fake it too with liquid liner.
4. use dark brown or taupe color in lower lid to make an eyes bags, also apply that color in your lid up to the crease.
5. line your water line with white color
 6. curl your lashes and apply mascara.

And yaay you're done..

This is may not perfect at you, so you dont need to follow it all, i just tell you what i done fore this looks.. :)
i need that deep crease look, so i fake it. if you already have, you dont need any. 
And because my camera is hard to capture that shading, i use alot of bronzer in this tutorial..

And for the lips, because i dont have a reddish brown color like that, so i mix my red lipstick with my brown eyeshadow.  os the color close enough?

Even i cant do that victoria curl very well. but i still love my hair in this picture, looks so perfect in my eyes. :)

 Does that lens looks good on me? i love that fake lens effect in my eyes.. :)
Yes, the lens are fake, edited by super awesome blogger named Devy.. She put it on 1 of my picture, then i copy it to my other photo. hahaha
Thank you Devy. :*
And down here is my 2 pict without edited..

Actually i feels not look like victoria at all. am i failed?
Please tell me what you think by leaving any comment..
This is my second collaboration, and if you want to do a collaboration with me, please contact me through all social media you want.. i'm so open for you all...
Thats all i can share with you my lovely Reader.
Thank you so much for dropping by my blog..




  1. paling suka rambutnyaa reee~ bisa bounchy bounchy curly gitu ih bagus..
    sini aku kasih efek2 anginnya biar kaya victoria *tiupin*

    1. Iaa, aku juga sukka tumben bisa gitu rambutnya. Hahaha
      Sini tiup2 biar kyk victoria rambutnya hahaha
      harusnya fotonya didpn kipas angin neeh. Hahahha XD

    2. whoaaaaa keeereeeennn >...<

    3. Hihihi, aku jwb nya samaan kyk buat ivaa d >.<

      Makasi Ani... km juga keren.. hihihi :)

    4. Aaaahk... Semua nya kereeen..

    5. iya rambutnya si jeunk ini keren banget pengen dehhhh curly in donkkkkkk

    6. Ah, ini komen knp nyangkut di komen iva semua. Hahaha

      Makasi dine.. ia mrk smua jago2... hihihi

      Sini mak sanny ke jkt. Kmrn ke jkt ga ktmu aku nih. Hahaha

  2. Keren2 nih makeupnya. Mantep abis semuanya ^_^

    1. Ia, merekaa keren2 yah.. pada jago makeup vampire.. hahhaa
      Ada jiwa jadi vampire smua. Hahaha :D
      thank you ya cantik.. :*