Aug 1, 2013

Tutorial : work it ladies

hey gorgeous!!
How was your day?

At my last tutorial, i do a youthful look, and
today i will do a more mature and professional look..

we can said smokey eyes and bold lips are 2 mature look in generally, because with smokey eyes and bold lips color we're look like putting a heavy makeup on our face which never be good for teen look.
what did you think of when you looking to a 15th y.o girl using a smokey eyes or bold red lips??

and smokey eyes can't be pair with bold lips!! except you go to a costume party..
we need to bring balance in our face, choose one thing you want to be stand out! lips or eye?
for now, i choose lips!!

Who was scared using bold lipstick?? put your hands up!!!! me too... :(
I never can be confident using a bold lips.. feels like it was too mature and everyone was looking at my lips and talking about it!
at first time i use this, the color was uneven, but now after sort of adaptation, it works for me :D
still, everyone was looking, but i dont care, i feels comfy in this lip stain because it's not too bold like lipstick, but still have a color..

so, here is the tutorial for the eyes. we make this as natural as possible

1. apply a light nude shimmery color, can be gold / light brown / champagne.
2. apply dark color near lash line. can be black / dark brown.
3. line your waterline with white eyeliner.
4. apply good amount of mascara
5. if you need, apply false lashes.
you are done... :D

because we want to make the lips stand out, everything else is need to be as natural as possible. :D

Thank you for dropping by my blog
Love to know your opinion, leave me any comments :)



  1. Duh itu alisnyaaaa bagus kak *salah fokus* hahhaha

    1. Masa sih bagus? Hahaha aku brasa ketebelan lho. :)
      makasiii ya bunga uda mampir... :*

  2. bener akuu jugaa,,,
    salahh fokuss
    alisnyaaa kerennn, aku malahh kayakk sinchann bikinnyaa


    1. Hehehe, jadi malu.. *blush >.<
      Aku juga dlu kyk sinchan, bljr trus ampe skrg akhirnya ada km km yg bil bagus.. :)
      Makasiii ya diani... :D
      Keep work it on, pst akhrnya ketemu cara paling pas buat km :)

  3. Canciiiiiikkkkkk <3 natural sekali kakak~ love the fuller brows hihi

    1. Makasiii judith ^^
      Me love fuller brow too... hahaha

  4. Cantik! Hehehe
    Kelihatan fresh~