Aug 22, 2013

Review : REVLON PHOTOREADY Primer, Shadow + sparkle

 hey gorgeous!!
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if you follow my twitter or IG or be by friend in FB, you must be know that few weeks ago i won Revlon contest, and this is prize i got.. :D This makes me think Revlon is a super Kind Cosmetic Brand, because usually (other contest i wont) doesn't give super gorgeous Prize like this.. :D
Thank you Revlon, I love you...

In this package, i got a super cool eyeshadow named REVLON PHOTOREADY Primer, Shadow + sparkle in Graffiti which i will do a review on it today..This Graffiti is come in earth tone color which is make me feel doing 'Naked' Makeup on me, except the glittery they give in this eyeshadow.
So The color is perfect for makeup in daily look, and add if you have night event, just sweep in the sparkle glitter and you should ready to rock the night..

Revlon have 8 shade of eyeshadow palettes : Metropolitan, Bohemian, Renaissance, Pop Art, Water colors, Impressionist, Avant Grande, Graffiti. All come in very gorgeous color, i want them all.. >.<
This Revlon Photoready come in light packaging, and so unique eyeshadow placement. They arrange the shadow, make the eyelid shape. so cute!!

so here i do the swatch and i do try follow their direction on the back of the package. 

here is the swatches..
I think my camera flash is too over..

And here is their direction
 1. apply primer all over eyelid up to browbone.
2. add bottom shade (shimmery dark brown) to lid.
3. use center shade ( black) on crease.
4. sweep top shade (glittery Gold) over brow bone.
5. Enhance with sparkle top coat.

 Here is what i done, + some adjustment from me.. hahaha
6. i use the no.2 color in low lid
7. draw winged liner
8. apply black liner in lower lash line and white liner in water line + Apply mascara

The eyeshadow is well seen in this picture..
Oh yea, the nail color i use is also from revlon, called REVLON COLORSTAY Longwear Nail Enamel.
 not tidy anymore because lot of things i done. >.<

My opinion about this eyeshadow, quite good, pigmented, small package.
Just minus from the black color, not to intense i think and Glitter always messy right?? so we cant blame that messy glitter for messy palette.
If you like Glitter Sparkle, you must try this.. 

so what do you think about this eyeshadow?

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  1. mauuuu eyeshadownya!!
    congrats re, buset hadiahnya segitu banyak..c asiknya..

    1. Hihi
      hayo beli2... revlon suka ada diskon2...
      Ia revlon baik bgt mau ngasi hadiah segitu buanyak. :D
      bahagiaa... :))

  2. uwaaa complete bgt giftnya, selamat yaaaa :D

    1. Iaa, complete buanget, brasa klo traveling lgsung bawa itu gift uda cukup. Hihihi
      makasi ya syg.. :*

  3. Hadiahnyaaaaa... sparkling di mataku hahaha.. COngrats ya!
    Bikin ngiler aja deh itu makeup...

    1. Hihihi iaa, sparkling juga dimataku..
      Makasii mell.. :*

  4. bagus kak fotd-nyaaaa, aku pernah swatch juga, glitternya oke bangeeeeet hihi congrats kakak~

    1. makasiii :)))
      Iaa, glitternya bajuus!! Hahaha
      Ketauan suka main glitter. Hahaha

  5. Weeww, Congrats cyynn,
    Btw kiraiin semuanya di Repiewww, mau yah daku, ahhaaaa

    1. Macacii cyiiin :*
      Ia, tadinya mau bgtu, tapi tar ga rapih klo di search reviewnya. Hihihi
      Jdi satu2 aja, biar jelas reviewnya.
      Oke lha, tar aku ripiw yg lain.. hihihi