Aug 19, 2013

Tutorial : Jessica 'SNSD' Inspired - IBB MUC August 2013

hey gorgeous!!
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i was so excited with today post, because today tutorial is related with korean style which is so affects music, fashion, makeup, film, and all other aspect in Indoneia. who doesn't know k-pop? booming everywhere!!

Because this is beauty blog, i will do more focus on their makeup.. Korean people is very care with their skin, you can see it from their glowing healthy face. they have much beauty brands with much skincare too. And most of their beauty brand are famous in Indonesia and other countries too.
Who never tried one of korean product? you must give a tried.. :D

talk about Korean and Beauty
well this month, IBB have a must join challenge!!
This is Pop your K-pop Challenge sponsored by Lioele... come join this MUC, it's end soon..(actually i'm too late to do this) sorry... :(

Okay i way to far from tutorial, so lets start to talk about a tutorial..
Do you know her?

if you are fans of SNSD, you must be recorgnize her... She is  Jessica 'SNSD'...

I fell in love with this photo when first seen. i feels this is so different from other photo i have ever seen from them. this is so editorial, and i love it..

my face is far from that korean kind, but i tried my best for this tutorial.. please dont laught at me.. XD

I have much things to done with this tutorial.. brow, eyes, lips... ---> see, my face isn't korean kind looking face. much thing i need to work this on..

we all know Korean look have a straight brow, like on that photo.
Seriously, this is hard for me, i feels kinda weird with this straight brow, because my real brow is shape a little arched and  because of that, i must adjust some and this is still look so thick for me.. and i dont do as light as her, because i need to bleach my brow to achieve that color..
let's do this
1. line a straight line in low part of brow, i use brown because my hair is brown too, so if tour hair is really" black, better use more dark brown or grey color
2. shape it from up, line it as straight as possible.
3. fill in all empty space there, use brow mascara if you have or clear gel to make the brow still in place.
4. with concealer, fix any too large draw or other messy you've done..

 Okay, that's the brow, next, the eyes..

1. use your base / primer
2. apply dark brown color in
3. apply gold color up of the crease
4. apply black in lash line
5. blend it all well
6. use mix of same dark brown and gold in lower lid
7. line your eyes and water line with black color
8. curl your lashes, apply mascara and use your lashes.

Jessica have a small lips, so i need to reshape my lips
sorry i don't have a tutorial for that, but i have a close up lips here..
i think this lips shape just can be seen in close up like this, because my cupid is can't be easily cover like so.. :'(
it makes my reshape lips don't appear too much..

Let me tell you, doing her pose is so hard , feels so weird..  hahaha

So finally i end up with this.. this is the best i can offer..

Thank you for dropping by my blog
 Come join this MUC, wish you luck girls. ;)
let me know your response of this, is this good or bad??




  1. ku suka warna bibirnya ^^ dah mirp jessica ;)

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    Hope you will join :) Thank you!

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    1. Yaaay!!! Thank you so much darlaa... :*
      I'm so happy n excited :D

  2. asatagaaaaa, itu bibirnya jadi tipis amat yak, Kreaaatipp.
    yang biasa lihat bibir mu full mu jadi rada aneh degh lihat yang ini :P.
    Xoxo, Good lak daaaghhh . . .. .

    1. Iaa, tipis bgt ngikutin bibirnya jessica... >.<
      Aku juga brasa aneh bibirnya tipis gitu.. hahaha
      ga mirip aku.. :P
      Thank you ya dear... :*

  3. Waah keren bibirnya dibikin tipis >.<
    Klo ga fokus ga kelihatan tuh hahahaha
    good luck XD

    1. Ia, klo ga fokus ga keliatan, gra2 bntuk bibirku susah bgt dikamuflase. Hahahaha XD
      thank you so much erna~

  4. Manteeeeppp!!! Bibirnya bener2 alamai,, ga keliatan klo uda di re-shape >.<

    1. Hihihi makasii linaa...
      syukurlah klo bagus...
      aku prtama kali reshape bgtu.. >.<

  5. You look really awesome in this look! I love the way you change your eyebrows to Ulzzang's inspired eyebrows!

    1. Thank you nicole..
      Seems like you love korean style.. :D

  6. Ahaha, good idea for eyebrow!
    I make this whit a mat toupe eyeshadow.
    <3 S.

    1. Taupe is great color.. :)
      so happy you like this eyebrow...
      Thank you for give me feedback.. <3