Aug 27, 2013

DIY Tutorial : Fabric Flower Crown

Heloo Gorgeous..

Its been long time i want a flower crown. i ever had it when i was 8 yo. i got it when my aunt married, my dress come with that beautiful pink flower crown..
Every women love flower, every women love crown too. so every women should love flower crown.. hahhaa

Actually i ever want to bought one, but no one i love. so i think to made it my self. but i dont have time to go searching plastic flower to made it. and i was thinking to make it from fabric, because more easy to get some fabric.

and, i think my tutorial isn't too good, because i always forgot to take a picture after doing one step. hhahaha

 1. cut piece of fabric into rectangle shape ( i dont measure mine)
2. roll it and adjust the shape.
3. secure with glue or sew the bottom
4. take another fabric, cut it into clover shape
5. double the clover fabric down from that roll you've made
6. wrap it, arrange until you love the shape.

1. take a long rectangle fabric, sew to make a wrinkle
2. pull it close and round it,
3. take another rectangle, smaller size
4. pull the fabric to stretch it
5. roll it
6. glue them together.

I was braiding rope to stick that fabric flower..

for the makeup tutorial, you can click the photo or click here.

hope you understand my tutorial..
and thank you for dropping by my blog.




  1. Wiiii prakarya! Riyanti kreatif ya :D
    Bagus banget hasilnya

    1. Hihihi kyk ank SD iah bikin beginian. Hahahah
      ga bagus2 amat kok, klo brantakan amat bnr d. Hahaha