Sep 2, 2013

Review : Caring COlours Beauty Skill License For Working Woman

Helloo Gorgeous!!
September now.. how fast??!!!

any way, have you follow my Twitter? if yes, you must be know that i got this beauty kit more than a month ago as a gift from Caring COlours and Clozette daily.
Caring Colours is Indonesian Beauty Brand, so for all Indonesian Woman beside trying other country Product, why dont you give a try for Local Brand Product??

Anyway, i actually want to talk to you in Bahasa for now on, but  I think for reviewing a product better use English (even mine wasn't too good) so other woman from other country can know Indonesian Product too. :D

So, this is the beauty kit looks like.

when you slide it, you found this in the box

 And here is the pouch.. soo cute!!

This pouch contain a build in mirror, small mascara,several brushes, sponge, 1 powder, 1 blush, 3 eyeshadow, 3 lip color.

here the close up look for eyeshadow and lip color

here is the eyeshadow swatch 

ANd here is the lippie swatch

Here is the blush and powder..

can you see the peach blush color?
and the powder i think too light for me .

in my opinion:
the eyeshadow and blush are pigmented but a bit powdery.
the powder so smooth
the lippie is smell so yummy, like a candy.
the mascara is great, i love it, when it dry you can curl it again without make it look strange.

I love this because this is so simple to bring travel :D
what i dont like is they dont including a small travel size eyeliner. but over all, this is okay for me :D

so, we have love and hate relationship on every products, just keep what you love and ot other else to cover your hate..

Thank you for reading my messy write
Hope you like it and this helpful




  1. Ah baru tau CC ada kit kayak gini. Handy banget buat go to makeup.

    1. Iaa uda lumayan lama sih sbnarnya.
      Dlu sblum kluar versi ini, ada 1 jenis lg yg lbh kyk buku bntuknya, tpi uda ga produksi sprtnya..
      trus dia ada bnyk jenis lho slain for working woman...
      Thank you ya dear...

  2. Rii... packaging nya unyu banget <3 >__<
    tapi sayang aku ga suka merek CC Rii soalnya selalu bikin aku jerawatan and doesn't look good for me too bad
    by the way kmu dah cobain eye shadownya??
    waiting for you new post =)

  3. Iaaa >.< unyuu sekaliii
    sayang bgt ya dikamu ga bgus...
    Pdhl pigmented lho... :D
    aku uda coba, tar next post aku pake cc ini. Hahaha
    thank you ci mel :D