Sep 13, 2013

Review : Maybelline Great Lash "Royal Blue"

Heloo gorgeous!!
How was your day??

Today will be a review post for maybelline great lash in royal blue..
Yes, this is color mascara!!
So excited with this review my first color mascara..

I love to take macro photo :D

Honestly, i've been searching color mascara for long time, but its hard to
find any in Indonesia..
This maybelline great lash is from i know this great lash
have much color, but i cant found it on or other web so i
give up and i just ordered this one color..
but Seriously i want other color too such as white, pink, green, violet, red,

I also cant found wnw colored mascara too :(
someone told me that mavala brand have this colored mascara too, but i
think that mascara was so expensive since i just can use it for 3 months
and i know i wont use it a lot.. so i decided not to bought it..

here is the close up look for the brush..

so, lets see can this mascara color my lash???

 i have curl my lash before and this mascara take it from my lash T.T
i dont use any mascara base, i think this mascara can color blond lash more well than black lash..
black lashes need use a white mascara first maybe?? the blue color is not to intense..

this mascara get sticky to my curler when i tried to curl my lashes after coating..
i'm not to satisfied with this blue mascara, so my journey to finding other good color mascara is still continuing.. :D
so, because its hard to find any color mascara in Indonesia, i was wondering can color liner we use to be a mascara?

 so, that's my review for this mascara, hope you enjoy :D
Thank you so much for dropping by
have you ever tried color mascara??
and if tou have any info about color mascara, please tell me...

 this is a bonus pict, my watermelon lips.. hahaha :p




  1. hmmm masi kliatan gelap ya ce walopun biru gitu heheh..
    bibirmu! kreatif abisss <3

    1. Iaa git... :(
      pdhl brharap birunya bisa stand out gituu...
      Makasii yaa :*

  2. saya pernah coba maybelline yang ini such a longgg time ago, saya ngak suka karena nggak waterproof

    1. Iaa, yg waterproof cuma yg black.. yg warna warni rata2 ga waterproof yaa..
      Thank you dear.. :)

  3. Nyari mascara blue itu susah yah.. Dan teryata maybellin punya..

    1. Iaa susaah bgt... maybelline punya tapi ga dibawa msuk indo... T.T hrs PO.. :(