Aug 4, 2013

Tutorial : CHOLA ?!

Heloo GOrgeous!!
How was your day?

Today i'm back with a MUC!!
This MUC was held by Endi Feng, you can check him out here.

So, He choose CHOLA as this MUC theme..
what is chola?? from what i read, chola is a latin woman gangster!!

Chola have a signature look, high arched brow, bold lips, high bump hair and a bandana..
so, here i am with Chola style!!

I must hide my real brow to draw this super duper high arched brow!!
very challenging,  because its hard to hide my brow perfectly.. T.T


 here for the eyes:
1. as i said, i cover my brow and draw higher brow.
2. apply brown eyeshadow to deepen my eyes
3. draw black thick winged liner
4. apply black eyeshadow in lower line
5. curl your lashes and apply mascara
YOu're done with the eyes...

and the Lips, i draw it with black liner, and fill it with red lipstick.
and make a tiny mole there :D

Thank you for reading, leave me any comments ladies.. :D
and dont forget to join this MUC, big prize waiting for you...!




  1. Hahaha, alisnya bajuss rapi banget!
    Dtutup pake lem yaa hehehe,
    Nice dear! Good luck :3

    1. Itu ga rapiii >.<
      buatnya lama bgt, hmpr sejem d dempul mulu. Hahaha
      Rambut alisnya bandel..
      Thank you yaa :*

  2. ahhh baru liat chola versi kamu! aselii alisnya kece banget! gud luck!!!

    1. Hahah, thank you kak aul..
      You too ya, good luck.. :*