Aug 13, 2013

Tutorial : Acid Leopard

heloo GOrgeous...
How was your holiday?
Must be fun right??
i go to my uncle house at that weekend :D

SO, i did this tutorial yesterday and want to post it at night, but  i must go with my mom, and at night i got lack of  internet connection, so i can't post it.. so sorry :(

and back to this tutorial, i got this acid leopard inspiration from nail art i've made before..
i think i need sleek acid palette to suite the color best.. hahaha
anyway, here is the tutorial:
 1. use a neon pink color in inner lid, because i just have this pink, so i use it.
2. use purple color in middle lid
3. use blue in middle lid
4. use green color in outer lid
5. use more soft green color at the end and blend all, then draw a leopard pattern.
you can adjust where you want the pattern appear..
6. line your eyes and use purple color in lower lid + white color in inner lower lid
7. apply mascara and false lashes. (in this tutorial i dont do this step.. >.< )

YOur acid leopard look ready :D

  for the lips, i was so confuse what color i want to use, when i look at the mirror i think of the purple and blue wasn't appear too much at the eyes, so i use that color for my lips.. can you see the gradation i made?

so, that is my Acid leopard look, what do you think?
do you like it or not??
Let me know by leaving me comments :)
Thank you somuch for dropping by..
hope you enjoy what i did..




  1. aku cinta leopard! kyaa~~~ cakepp ihh :3

    1. Kyaaa... aku juga cinta leopard!!
      Thank you ya sayaanggg :*

  2. nailartnyaaaaaaaa..... mau donkkkk

    1. Bikin maak :) aku mah blom gtu bisa, masih pemula.. hahaha

  3. aaaak keren kaaaaak, mantep banget, lipsticknya juga :D canggih canggih kak :D

    1. Cihuuyyy...
      Aku juga suka bgt, bkn pake lipstick sih sbnrnya. Hahahaha.. pake eyeshadow aku... :) ga punya lipstick biru n ungu.. :(

  4. Kereen.. Kereen.. Bagus banget.. Suka..g. ?

    1. Makasiii :))
      Seneng d tutorial ini bnyk yg suka..

  5. Kereennn,,,, >.<