Aug 16, 2013

Review : E.L.F Little Black Beauty Book - night edition

Hey Sweetie...
How do you do??

Yupp!! today gonna be a review day :D
so long from my last review..
Actually i got this palette in early of July, and this is my first palette.. :D
for me, palette is more than 5 eyeshadow in 1 place. so if i found 3 eyeshadow, i wouldn't call it palette.  just eyeshadow. this is my very own opinion..

I always LOOOVVEEE to look at all eyeshadow palettes, with that all cute color in one place, especially huge palettes!!
I JUST love eyeshadow palettes, never like lipstick palettes, especially combination of Lipstick + eyeshadow / blush / powder. why?? because all powder may fall out and that will ruin the lipstick and thats not hygienic.

as i said, this is my first ever palettes. Before i finally bought this, i do much research to searching palettes from all brand i know. let me tell you, i was searching one big palette that contain all color range. why? because i was thinking i need this palettes for doing a makeup tutorial for my blog, and if i bought a palettes just with a neutral palettes, my tutorial won't be so colorful. right??

so after long research, i found this cute little palettes that contain much color like i want.

Look, so small palette, you can bring it when traveling..
Why i pick this cool edition?? because the color is in order not like other..
and in this palette, all color is there. 

up is picture first time i got this palette, and down there is after 1,5 month i use it like a lot.. all tutorial from july until before this post is using this little book.. :D

This palette is combination of matte and shimmery eyeshadow.
what i love from this palette :
- have 48 color in one palette
- pretty cheap $6 - around RP 130.000
- not bulky to bring traveling

What not too good from this palette:
- powdery / chalky
- some pigmented, some not (what do you expect from $6 palette with 48 color?)

Here i give a mark in color that i think pretty pigmented. most of it are shimmery one with satin finish.

And i dont do a swatch, but i give you pict of me using it in my tutorial..

I give you the link to every tutorial look, just click the picture. except last look, is not be post
So, this is my review for E.L.F Little Black Beauty Book - cool edition.
there is much pict in my post, As always..
Hope you dont mind it.
i bought this product my own.
Thank you for reading, hope this review can help..

do you remember my ELF Acne Fighting foundation review? i do update it. go check it if you mind..




  1. Auuw.. Auuw.. Murceee banget ya boo.....
    Lumayan keliatan kok Pigmentasi nya.. Cucok iiihk.. Suka suka..

    1. Ia murcee... hahaha elf emang paling oke buat barang murce. Hahahah :D

  2. aduuhhh cakep" banget warnany"nya

    1. Ia mrka cakeep.. hihihi
      Fallin love sama palette ini.. warnanya lumayan lengkap n murcee... :)

  3. Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx

    Gleaming Spire * Bloglovin'

    1. Sure!!
      I've following you... Hope you do so :)

  4. Lagi nyari iniii.. susah bener.. belinya dimana??

    1. jarang ada yg ready sih say . coba cek di nyx olshop atau shopping lust atau beauty haul indo..