Jul 23, 2013

Tutorial : Poison Ivy Inspired

Hey gorgeous!!

I've been as sweet as candy in last post and today a bold look again.. :D
When i do this tutorial, i was thinking about poison ivy (she have a golden orange color), but i want to use green color. So i search something can link me to her. Hahaha.

And i do googling for her makeup, so this what i made...

I found much picture that show she have green leaves in her brow, and that leaves make pattern like chevron pattern in my eyes, so that be my green!!
And orange came in my lips and cheeks :D

So here is the tutorial, so simple ;)

 1. draw chevron pattern with green liner, glittery liner is better, but i dont have it... must bought it ASAP!
2. fill in that with green eyeshadow, and leave that crease area for other color
3. i use lilac color at my crease area, i use lilac to make cool up the tone. this color can be replace with orange color for more warm tone.
 4. use same color in the crease in low lash line too.
5. apply mascara and lashes
you can use eyeliner if you want, because i found eyeliner is most important thing for indonesian women..

The truth is i confuse, sometimes when we do look alike tutorial, we name it inspired. I just realize it now...
 In my opinion, Inspired means we dont need to make exactly same like what she/it did, can be just same color combination or same technique or when we see the look we can think about that inspiration..
But when we do look alike, we must do what she done perfectly the same.
Am i right?

 So this is a poison ivy inspiration makeup. And soon i will do the poison ivy look alike! Uma Thurman so gorgeous in that character, i love this poison ivy character since first time i know her!

 Thank you for dropping by my blog...
Let me know your opinion, so leave me any comment :D




  1. Iiiih kereeen.. Ini kan karakter ratu tumbuh2an yang beracun di film batman kan? Aiiih.. Pinter banget ngaplikasikan nya..

    1. Ia ia ia!!! Asiik inspirasinya tersampaikan. Hahaha...
      Makasii ya dine.... :*

  2. iyaa simple bgt tutorialnya, jd gampang nyobanyaa...... siiip deh! <3

    1. Ayo dibikin juga kak sha... :D kabarin ya kl bikin juga, aku mau liatt... hahaha

  3. lucuuu benerrrrr dehhh sumprit.. trs bow hair nyaaaaa ahhh mau hahaha

  4. ah..so creative :) I love Poison Ivy makeup and hair
    <3 Perhapsrocknroll

    1. Thank you so much yovi... :)
      i love her too <3