Jul 3, 2013

Even Report : Etude Time 4 Beauty Carnaval Event

Hey gorgeous!!

I want to share about beauty event i attend, etude time 4 beauty carnaval that was held 2 weeks ago (sorry for very late report) and this will be very long post...

In this event there is some competition like makeup artist competition, jingle competition, singing competition, cover dance competition.
And i was join their makeup artist competition :)
So here i was report not just as beauty blogger who attend their product launch, but i also report about makeup artist competition that i was join...
So hope you enjoy and like what i share..

The event was held in Mall Taman Anggrek, jakarta at 19-23 June 2013..
And surprisingly the excitement for this event is so big..
Because when i need to GR at saturday morning at 8 o'clock, the mall still dark, nothing there except some worker and muc contestants, we do talk about how the muc event will be on going, what we will do, etc... we need to do rehearsal because they want a fashion show for the models..
And it was going until 10 o'clock.
At about 9.30, i already saw some person come and i dont know what they are doing at mall when there still no one store was open..
Then at 10 o'clock, more people come and there already a transaction at etude event.. i cant believe that...

Because the beaty blogger gathering in 1 o'clock, so i must wait for 3 hour long doing nothing there...

At 1, i back to mall atrium and found that just some beauty blogger there. And other was late. So i need to spend half hour for waiting again..

At that time, i met some beauty blogger that i've read their blog..
And i have a long talk with Jilly fom http://www.kireimakeup.com i belive you know her, right?
She is so kind and lovelyy.... :)

Back to the event, this event was campaign about "healthy face movement", to teach indonesian ladieas to give extra respect and care to their face...
This campaign come with '3me' tag
- membersihkan wajah (clean your face)
- memakai pelembab dan alas bedak (use toner lotion and primer)
- membersihkan wajah lagi (clean your face again)
And they have a video competition about that 3me. Check more info here.
Along with this campaign, etude have launch their new product a cc cream and cotton fit bb cream..
Etude claim that they was the first who bring korean cc cream to indonesia..
Cc cream for etude is correct and care. What cc crwam do is to moist your face, as sunscreen, anti wrinkle and to brighten up your face. This cc cream come in glow and silky
And cotton fit the bb cream is same like other bb cream, it have medium coverage, brighten your face, sunscreen, give matte finish.

After that campaign, we have a makeup competition, but before we do competition, they invite 3 korean makeup artist come and one of them there to show us step by step to do the makeup...
The theme of this muc is sweet sparkling candy
Because we just have 30 minutes, so i cant do step by step.. 

The property they give to us is a tester products, so the condition was so bad... and for the look, they want a glittery look, but i dont found any glittery product at my bench.. :( just shimmery and matte color... so i miss that glitter part...
And this is my before and after face
 And as you can see, i have a wrong position, because that pink light make all of my face look pink, so i dont know if i got much blush on or not.

At the end, they have to pick 2 winner and this is the winner..  congrats girls... :*

So that was all about the gathering...

Now we move to next day, a hectic Sunday morning for me... i must go to there at 8 in the morning just to sit down waiting late people again... :(
And the manajement was so bad, they start reharsal at 9.30 and take time until 10.15 and i just have less than half hour to prepare my model hair... :(
My model for this event is Wanda, she is very tall and gorgeous.. :D
Then at 11, the time the show must be start, but we have a delay again.. they brief all models again at 11, so i need to wait for half hour do nothing but have a panic attack... huhuhu
But gratefully, nothing wrong happend at the competition time, everything done like what we want...
And so surprisely there much people standing there for more than 1 hour looking at all makeup competition process, thank you so much for giving your time looking what we do..

For my model look, i do re create it again the tutorial at here

And at the end, at saturday they said the winner announcement will be at 3, but at that day, everything is change. They decided to announce all winner at 7.30  so i need to wait for 5 hour again :(

At last time to wait, i do have a free nail art..
When i sit at the nail art post, they announce muc winner, so i cant take picture of the winner.. i just hear my name wasn't called, i'm pretty upset, but that's okay, at least i have done my best :)

So thank you for reading my write...
Thank you for all time reading my very looong post...
 and sorry if i do some typo, because i don't do read all back and edit my write..
Leave me any comments, i do love all comments, and know your response




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