Jul 12, 2013

Tutorial : My Alter Ego (IBB MUC July 13)

Hay gorgeous...

How do you do?
As usual, IBB this month held a makeup challenge again, and this month IBB MUC theme is "Alter Ego" sponsored by Maybelline
Lets talk a bit about alter ego..
Alter ego ( in latin means "the other i" ) is a situation in which an individual's personality split personality so it appears others.
Personality is usually an expression of the main personalities who emerged as major private can not realize the things you want to do.
In simple word, it can be said that there is one person who has personally had more than one or two personality at once. Sometimes the patient does not know that he has a split personality, two existing personality in the body is also not know each other and worse sometimes have two contradictory nature.
Alter ego causes by trauma in childhood, mainly due to abuse and saw death. Children denied being abused and seen death, so that someone else (personality) came out to replace them for a while ..
Someone with alter ego after changing personality like that, usually don't know what happens before, they just feels have fall asleep for very long time.
That's why alter ego usually is arrogant or introvert part of you.

Here i show you my daily look and my alter ego..

I know this can't be wear daily, i just want to describe that daring and arrogant side with makeup, hope you can get it.. :D

So now, i will do a tutorial to showing my arrogant, daring and still sexy part of me.. :)

1. make a winged eyeshadow with red color
2. apply pink (red) in lower lash line
3. apply dark purple (dark blue) on top of the pink
4. apply dark blue on crease (i dont know why the pict showing black color)
5. blend it and use nude color in the brow bone
6. apply silver in inner corner of the eyes
7. line your eyes with black eyeliner and i do intense the purple color at lower lid
8. apply mascara and false lashes

You're done:D

and now is time to find good pose for this look.. >.<

Which one is the good pose?

did you notice i've made a mark on every pict? i never do this before, but i tried it for now on.
before i dont know what app i can use to make mark in all pict at once, but now i found it.. :D
Thank you so mch for visiting my little blog..
I hope you like what i done...


  1. wowwwww....rambutnya bikin penampilan makin puoolllll

    1. Ia nih disasak setinggi tinggi na dan selebar lebarnya. Hahaha

      Thank you ya c.. :)

  2. Agak mirip Bellatrix Lestrange di Hrpot. hehhehe

    1. Ia nih, pas lg nyasak rambut n lihat kaca, aku juga mikir jdi mirip bellatrix rambutnya.. hahaha
      Kl makeup, dy kan item2 eyeshadownya. Hahha

  3. wooowww, ikutan lagi yak :D,

    Rock ON XD !!

    1. Ia nih, sejak awal buat beauty blog dan tau ada IBB MUC, aku uda mikir kl aku bkl sll ikutan post :)

      I love to make a tutorial :D

      Thank you for reading ya...

  4. you'r so rawk. can't stop to looking your look, Good Luck!!! :)

  5. aih kereeen >_<
    when the makeup meets a great hairstyle it just look cool!