Jul 4, 2013

Tutorial : Minion Inspired Look

Hey hey ladies....

I do post again and today tutorial is so special because i got inspiration from Despicable Me minion.. They are so cuteee :D
FYI, i do hunting this minions in 3 days with no result, and finally my boy found it.. :D

SO happy i finally can have my own minion.. yaay!!
i don't know how with you all, but around me most of my friends do hunting this minion too..

so, without much talk, lets go to tutorial...

- apply yellow color all over eyelid
- apply blue color in low lid
- use blue eyeliner
- use white liner in water line (My pict of this step is blur, so i don't post it)
- i use blue color for my eyelashes

i recommend to do until this step for daily / going out and + use false lashes if you have short eyelashes like me...

and because of i love doing more fantasy look, i do more on the makeup, here the tutorial

- draw black line in the crease, give space for making a white big dot.
- draw smaller brown dots in the white dot
- draw a black stripe for the hair
- make arms by draw a line with yellow and make the hand palm with black

Then you are done.... Yaay!!

so sorry for messy detail, i dont have the right tools to do that all, and for brow dot, i really forgot that i have brown pencil that really can help me make more good shape of dot.. >.<

so, thats my minions inspired look... what do you think?
leave me comments below...
and thank you for reading my post....
and i want to ask to give me any inspiration for make another tutorial if you dont mind... :D



  1. So cute dear... :D :D
    Kalo boleh tau pake eyeshadow apa ya?

    1. Hai hani :)
      Itu aku pakai lyra face painting pencil dan elf beauty black book eyeshadow yg night edition..

  2. minionnnnnnnn... lucuuu dehhh.. kreatip suka suka suka.. eh kamu yang menang revlon photoready itu yaaa.. congratz yaaa.. like your blog! following it..

    1. Makasiii :)) seneng d ap yg aku buat bisa disukai...

      Ih, kok tau aku yg menang? Hahah thank you so much yaa :D

      Thank you for following me, follow via bloglovin juga ya, secara google reader uda mau shut down. Hihihi
      Km ada blog cc? Mention ya, Biar aku bisa follow juga.. :*

  3. make up mu baguss <3 hahaha inspirasiny lucu, aq juga suka minnion :D

  4. udaa aku follow dear... hayukk kita bikin mekap unik2 lainnya yukk.. apalagii yaa

    1. Makaciii :*
      Hayuuuk!!! Apa ya, bingung juga ini. Hahaha~
      Ide ide!! *jedotinkepala