Jul 3, 2013

Tutorial : Godess Look

Hey", welcome back....

As you know, i join etude MUC, and now i will post a tutorial for what i do on etude time 4 beauty carnaval makeup artist competition, and my friend wanda become my model at the event:D
but unfortunately, she cant have time to met me again in this 2 weeks for doing the tutorial, so i use my face.

The big theme of this competition is beauty carnaval... and what i think is making a beauty goddess carnaval look..

Here is wanda.. Sorry for blur pict, my hand is shaking that time. so nervous >.<
but still, she is so gorgeous :D

so, lets go for tutorial..
 1. apply pink eyeshadow all over eyelid
2. apply lavender / lilac color in the crease than blend well
3. apply orange color in middle
4. use same lilac in outer low lid
5. use shimmering white eyeshadow in inner corner
6. line your eyes and water line
7. use false lashes and you done... :)

Okay, tht's my tutorial..
hope you like it...
please leave me any comments girls...



  1. like it (y) :)thanks for the teritorial

    1. Glad you like it.. :))
      thank you for reading ya

  2. Bulu matanya badai banget :D
    Mungkin rambutnya bisa lebih dikriwul, pasti lebih oke :D

    1. Ia badai abis.. hahah tadinya mau pale yg bulu2, tapi warnanya gada yg pas.. hahaha
      Itu pas kmrn aku coba, rambutnya ngembang bagus, eh pas hari H lomba malah ga mau ngembang rambutnya. Hihuhu

      Kl yg pas tutorial aku lupa mau d curly.. hahaha

      Thank you for reading ya :D