Jul 28, 2013

Review : current fav lippie - Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick

Heloo gorgeous!!
How do you do???
Hope you have a blast weekend...

Sorry for missing a while,i have much break outs because my unstable 
hormon.. it make me cant do any tutorial, so Today i will do a review for
my current favorite lipstick. :D

This lipstick is from maybelline
And my favourite color
is nude pearl...

I've been trying much nude lip color and no one suite me best.
I've tried matte nude and it dries my lips.

So, back to this nude pearl. I bought this around 36.000 IDR

This lipstick named nude pearl because it have a nude color and
shiny+glittery like pearl. It glide smoothly and moisten my lips.

Sometimes, i found out red lipstick is too bold for me, so i use this nude
pearl to soften it out. :)

And after i wipe that lipstick, it leave any glitter in my hand. and i've do a video for capturing that glitter..

So, have you tried this out? If you have, please tell me what do you think
about this lipstick.
Thank you for dropping by mu blog...



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