Jun 10, 2013

Review : Revlon just bitten lipstain + balm

Hey gorgeous...
how do you do??
it's been few days i don't post anything..
this few days my face have a problem , my face irritate when i clean my face with soap or with cleanser, so i avoided to use makeup this few days but of course i will still update my blog, I'll do reviews for few products i just got..

Let's started..

this is revlon just bitten lip stain + balm, this item is different from the revlon just bitten balm that indonesian revlon new campaign product..

i choose this one because i saw the applicator look like markers, and this is interesting, i've use eyeliner markers applicator, but never use lips product using markers applicator, and it have a lip balm at the other end..

this lip stain have many color, but at time i looking this product, i was searching pink color, actualy i want a bright soft pink, but i can't lie my self, i more love dark and shocking pink color :P so i end up bought this crave color.

 Before and After

okay, now my opinion...
what  l love:
- this lip stain is liquid and stick in my lips like i draw a line with markers in my hand..
- the color doesn't "move" like when you use lipstick..
- the balm is so smooth
- doesn't have any smell

what i don't like:
- the color can't be evenly distributed, so i need to retouch again and again so i got same color all over my lips and i end up getting this dark pink color..

some advice ladies...
- Don't use concealer before applying this, it just broke my markers applicator :(
i was thinking using concealer so i can have the real color of this lipstain, but i was wrong..
- apply as sheer as you can, then build up the color, because our lips don't catch same intensity, so do it slowly..

this product have many colors :) choose what you like Ladies...!!

after few times using this and sort of adaptation, this lipstain can be evenly distributed in my lips :)

That's my review, hope this is helpful...
Thank you for reading... :)


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