Jun 18, 2013

Tutorial : Sweet Escape (IBB MUC June 2013 'Color your Style)

Holaa gorgeous!
Today i do post a look tutorial again...
Yeeei, after long long time i dont post a look because irritation problem, but now my skin be normal again...

So, today look is for entering IBB MUC theme 'color your style', i'm so excited join every MUC i know, because it make me thinking and searching any inspiration for making a tutorial base on MUC theme.
Because of some trouble and my eyeshadow palette don't come to me this month, so i don't have much eyeshadow color to use, i was thinking i won't join this MUC, but now i change my mind.. hahaha

So lets get started..

 So that is my look, i think i need to reshape my brow again -.-

 Step by step beibeh~~ :
1. use pink color in inner corner until middle of your eyes
2. se purple color in outer corner and blend it to the pink
3. line your eyes with blue eyeliner
4. line your lower line with blue too
5. this is optional, make 3 medium dots in side of your eyes.. will be good for photoshoot, but will look wired for going out. hahaha~ 
6. False lashes please... :) this is new cheap lashes i bought, but not too good :(
this is something not too important actually, because you can there is many lipstick have that color, but i just ant to show you that silver glittery pencil i use and i combine with red lipstick, it make a beautiful pink color that i love so much.. :)

pretty easy right?? :D
hope you enjoy and like this post and can be inspiring you ladies..

More photo is fine right??

Product i use:
- pigeon loose powder
- PAC pink blush
- PACK brown blush
- blue Lyla face painting Crayon
- Oriflame starlight lipstick pencil in silver pink
- Pond's red lipstick

So that's my tutorial and that's my color style.
What about you?
What is your color style?
How you express your color?
Come join this MUC, this is fun way to express yourself. :D

Thank you so much for reading..
leave any comments tell me is this good or bad or what ever you want to say to me..



  1. Love your shadow color dear! Good luck! ^^

  2. Wowo, bulu matanya XD

    find me here:buleipotan.blogspot.com

    1. Hai hai :)
      Bulu matanya heboh ya.. hahaha
      Thank you for visiting..