Jun 5, 2013

Review : D'Eyeko, Olga Lydia "In Da Club"

Hei hei gorgeous!!
Lets talk about Lashes..

 I got this lashes From BTI May BOX, this lashes from D'Eyeko, Olga Lydia Lashes series called "In Da Club"

This what i read at their web
In Da Club:
Punya acara spesial & harus dandan cantik to the max? Masukkan bulu mata ini dalam check list-mu. Dengan volume padat, tekstur & kelentikan yang sangat jelas, di depan kamera pun bulu mata ini terlihat dramatis.

What i know is D'eyeko is premium lashes, handmade from 100% real hair..
This lashes is high quality, so we can re-use it again and again..
 But we all know, handmade is more pricy than machine made

This lashes is long in outer side, i love this kind of lashes because outer of eyes usually go down, so with this long lashes in outer, it gives you same length of lashes from middle to outer..
and the inner side is short but not too short, just perfect length for natural looking lashes..
so in love with this.
you beauty lover, especially lashes lover must be know lashes have many shape,  and for me this shape is perfect for natural look.. i know that the name is in da club, which means this lashes create for night out.. but as lashes lover i must say this length of lashes is my daily use lashes.

okay, i've told you what i liove, now what i hate..
it's hard for me applying this lashes at first time, doesn't fit my eye shape.. hahaha, need an adjustment for it, bend it a lil' bit
 this lashes have something like knot at the base ( confuse how to explain this)
maksudnya itu buat gabungin rambut"nya ke benang dasar lashesnya, pakai ikat simpul begitu, jadi kalo dilihat dengan teliti akan kelihatan ada tonjolan tonjolan simpul gitu.. >.<
and lashes i got have a little space between one and other hair knot.

For me, this is good lashes! strong and long life lashes..
and with good take care,  you can use it again and again, so no need to bought many lashes right?
 Thank you for reading, hope i can help you knowing this lashes, and you can decided to take it or leave it.. :)

I believe all review from beauty blogger are honest, even sponsored or not sponsored product, because basically all beauty blogger just want to share what they have tried.. right??