Jun 20, 2013

Tutorial : Tsubasa Masuwaka Gyaru Style "Dolly wink 08. pure little" inspired

Hey Gorgeous!!

you Must be confuse with this long long long title.. hahahaha
i write it like that because i was planing to make few look (hope i can) inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka for joining Pygmalion Land Makeup Contest !!
This is must join Makeup Contest especially for you who love gyaru..
Thank you so much for Meilani who create this MUC :*

As what i ever said, i love to join every MUC i know. not because the prize, but because with joining 
MUC, i learn something new, get much inspiration and of course i have something to show you in my blog. :D

First submission from me, pure little look

 She's so cuteee >.<
 of course my face won't be that cute.. T.T but i tried my best to re-create her makeup.

 here my look, and seriously it's hard to make same position like her. hahaha, mostly i do awkward pose..

Please don't laugh at me.. huhuhuuh
  so here tutorial for the eyes. 

- she use natural looking eyeshadow, so i combine shimmering gold and shimmering dark brown and apply it all over my eyelid.
- use same color in lower lid too
- because she have a high and deep crease, i must fake it with create a line little high than my real crease blend it, so it dont look too strong. (but seems like what i made is not to high, so for you who want to try this, please do it higher for better look alike)
- at water line, she use black eyeliner in inner corner and white eyeliner in outer corner of water line.
 - draw your line like usually we made winged eye or simple eye, then extend it in front of, like in the photo.
- last, use your mascara, and lashes. use dolly wink lashes for exactly same lashes effect like her.  because i dont have some at that time, i fake my lower lashes, draw it with grey liquid eyeliner, and it was a mess, take a long time to make it good. so just bought lashes for simple step.

Hope you enjoy my tutorial and you found this good for you..

come join this makeup contest, this MUC held until 15 July 2013.
And the requirement is so simple, click here

 Thank you for reading ladies..



  1. good luck yaa..! waaah jadi pengen ikutaan..tapi mukaku jauh dari gaya koreaaan look sepertinya, I'm not as cute as youu hihhihihih <3

    1. Ayo ikut babyy... muka ku juga jauh dr yg namanya gaya korea jepang gtu...
      I'm not that cute... huhuhu
      I think makeup that can make me look cute.. hahaha

      Thank you for the support!!!

  2. Aaa... Riyanti manis bangettt^^

    Good luck yaa

    1. Makasiii :D
      bukan my daily look bgt sbnrnya. hahahha

      Thank you so much ya :*