Jun 25, 2013

Tutorial : Sunset in me

Hey gorgeous!!
its been a while since my last post..
quite busy last weekend :) and i will post what  do last weekend soon!! of course it have related to beauty things..

today post focus is a pretty color name 'Tangerine'!! and this tutorial look i do for looxperiments june looxchallenge colab with endi feng..

in this look, i do ulzzang ombre lips too..

Here's the eyes ladies..

1. apply orange / tangerine color all over
2. apply pink color in outer corner, blend it well.
3. apply white color in inner corner
4. use same orange line your low lid
 5. using lilac color, apply in inner low lid
6. use black linner, line your water line.
7. make a winged eyeliner
7. apply mascara and lashes.. and you're done..

Now for the lips...
 1. apply orange lipstick or orange eyeliner, or whatever you have in orange / tangerine
2. apply red or dark pink in inner of your lips. i prefer lips stain for bold and long last color.
3. apply more soft pink or red lipstick in middle of lips, and blend it with orange. done!! :)

 I name this look 'sunset in me' because orange/ tangerine color is sunset color in my mind..
 i and lashes i use is fashion lashes, and i like it.. want to try playing with another cute lashes.. hope i can go and bought more.. :D

 ah, this is 2 picture i edited the color, but i cant get color that i like, so i end up with this 2 different color edit.. :)

Thank you for reading ladiess...
hope you enjoy and like it..
leave any comments for me..


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