May 1, 2013

Giveaway againn 'Beauty Chica Research Giveaway '

Ladies, giveaway again...


i  look at many giveaway since yesterday and can't resist it, so here we gooo


Beauty Chica Research Giveaway

she making this giveaway for her research, so i think why don't we help our ladies and have a chance to get that beauty things she want to give?
So, please give your minutes to fill in the questionaire.
This i got from her blog
The giveaway is for Indonesian only.
and it will end this May. However, i will announce it around mid of June because i am  going to be busy with business and thesis. Please understand :)
So what is going to be at stake?
There will be two winners, and you can choose which one you want, either Korean cosmetic or USA cosmetic. I do add some samples like from Skinfood and Nature Republic. I have a lot of those so don`t worry.
USA Brand:
elf eyestudio mascara
MUA Immaculate Eyeshadow Pallete
elf Shimmering powder in Sunkissed

Korean Brand:
Etude House Tear Drop Liner
Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint
Etude House BB Cream Cotton Fit/ CC Cream ( I will order as you choose)
To win those above please enter via rafflecopter here and please fill the questionaire honestly as it will mean so much to me
Thank you for supporting my research.

that's from her ladies, so please help her okay??


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