May 3, 2013

Review : Evian Facial Spray

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from the title, you must be know i want to post a review now..
this product, i already bought it a week ago, that time, this product have a promo "with + Rp 1.000 you will get 2 product" amazing right??
I bought this because of my mom ask me to buy a facial spray for her, she saw a magazine that reviewing a facial spray. But i dont bought spray that she look at that magazine because i don't met that product at drugstore i went.
At that drugstore, i ask the cashier about facial spray and she say they just have this evian facial spray in their store, this is best selling product, many people asking about this product when it out of stock and of course the promo..

This evian product have 4 different size: 50 ml, 150ml, 300ml and 400 ml.
i want bought the bigger size because it was cheaper, but my mom said we never use this product before, we don't know it's good in our skin or not, bought the smallest one first, no need to force yourself to bought a thing because it was cheaper (lessons for people who go crazy with sale and promo like me.. hahaha)

this is their claim

For your skin evian® Facial Spray

Its unique mineral balance and neutral pH makes it the perfect freshen-upper for all skin types, including baby’s delicate skin. The millions of tiny micro-droplets are instantly absorbed, moisturizing hot thirsty skin, any time anywhere. Safe, natural nitrogen is used to propel the droplets (80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen) so the ozone stays healthy and happy too!
evian® offers its fabulous facial spray in 4 different sizes. The 50ml canister slips discretely into any handbag. The 150ml canister is ideal for travel. At home or at the beach, the whole family will love the 300ml and 400 ml maxi sizes.
Please recycle the canister.

And this is me end up with purchasing the smallest size..
at first you spray it, it will be so wet, but just in few seconds, it will absorb in your skin. I already using this spray with many different face condition:
- just awake face : Refreshing my skin at a time, make me look less like zombie.. hahaha
- after take a bath : i believe after take a bath you ladies will use your daily skin product, spray this evian after finis using your lotion, evian will maximizing the absorption of daily moisturizer (cream / lotion)
- after doing many activities : after all of your activities, i believe your face will look so messy because of tired, sweaty, dirty, oily, etc.. i suggest clean your face with facial tissue then spray facial spray, will quickly restore your skin fluids after, overcome skin dryness and irritation caused due to dust, and restores freshness.
- before using makeup : i think with this will prepare your skin for makeup
- after using make up : what i feel is evian helps to maintain the makeup to make it more durable throughout the day, reinforce the basic make-up and perfect makeup result

How to use:- Use EVIAN FACIAL SPRAY several times a day- Spray a circular to the face / body in need, with a distance of 30 cm from the skin surface.- Wait a few moments until absorbed. Warning:
 - Keep away from direct sunlight.- Do not store at temperatures> 50 º C- Do not burned or punctured, even after use.- Use before: see bottom of the pack

- For all skin types- In use in a variety of needs (fashionable)- friendly packaging

- its expensive if not on sale

Would i buy it again? YES of course

in this one week using this product, i don't have any problem, in fact when you using this product, you won't look an express n significant changing in your skin. but after you spray it, you can see that you feed up your face skin with mineral water which is good for skin.
In makeup function, it  works. i spray it and my makeup was long last, my blush stay in place!!

Thank you ladies for reading my blog..
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  1. aku dulu suka banget ama Evian spray nih.Dulu pake sampe habis-beli lagi beberapa soothing!love it on my skin!!!...thanks for the review!
    thanks for a nice comment on my blog too!

    1. Ia, i love it too, thaks to you too dear!