Apr 21, 2013

Tutorial : EOTD Winged Eyeliner / Cat Eyeliner

 Hey all.. 

before get deeper into my blog post,  i like to inform you, my English wasn't so good, but i try my best for it. I want to improve my English with this blog writing.. hope it doesn't bother you guys..
i was new in this beauty blogging thing :D
i make this because i love make up and i want to share everything with you..
so please leave any comment below.. :))

OK, back to eyeliner!
Today i want to post about winged eyeliner / cat eyeliner because : 
  • when i go out, i often see a lot of girls who use winged eyeliner but it doesn't look good.
  • my friends and cousins ask me how to use eyeliner and make it perfect foe them.
  • i don't know in other place, but here many girls only use eyeliner on the go, as they only know eyeliner as makeup.
also, there is many kind of eyeliner out there, there is pencil eyeliner, pen eyeliner, gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, etc...
every women have their own favorite, and for me, i like gel eyeliner.
I like to combine gel eyeliner with matte black eyeshadow, it will give you matte and natural look, not shining like liquid.

see the different?? mostly i saw people using that first  way, but i think that wasn't good, seems like you draw too long stroke in your eyes, its not look look winged liner for me.

See the different stroke in left and right picture?
winged liner must be lining to up(right), not to side(left) of eyes.

Taadaaaa...., my winged / cat eyeliner tutorial
3 step winged eyeliner
for me, i love this way to make winged eyeliner, 
sometimes when you draw left and right line, you don't get the same angle, thats make me sick too, take much time to make equal angle. but with this trick, it helps alot!!

1. take any paper or card and adjust it. my advice, the line you make with paper should be along with low lid. you must be asking why i suggest it along with lower lid, its because the lower lid direct line up with more fitting with form of the eyes.

2. adjust how long you want that line is. i like to use wide of the brush as the reference.

3. this step will be different for each girls, depends on your personal style, you can fill in and make it bold or you can just draw fine tiny line close to your eyes.

Okaay, that's 3 steps i have to share with you, hopefully that can help you to make equal winged eyeliner...
and this is other option for draw your eyeliner

all winged thing

 1. bold winged
2. tiny line
3. cat + crease
4. double wing

simple upper lid
half outer line
Beside that wing and cat things, there is other style for lining your eyes

* simple upper lid - mostly women do just line upper lid, simply to look more awake

* half outer - usually do this for balance the liner

simple up and down lid
half inner line
 * simple up and down lid - you line whole the eye, like framing the eye with black line, make your eyes look bigger

*half inner line - this kind of line make your eye shape more sharp looking

this is the end of this post, hope you like it. i have so much fun in doing this..
just keep trying to figure what kind of lining that perfect for you, always try different style until you get what best for you.

PS: it takes long time preparing for me to make just 1 post, i want to make as good as i can, not just whatever i said, without something useful for you who read it.. :)
so please don't judge me for long time posting..


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