Apr 21, 2013


today will be a short post because sadly to say, i lost many photo about this look
In Indonesia, there is no spring season, but i believe, most of people know its spring time and feel spring spirit around. :) maybe its too late for post about spring, but i just start to blogging this few days, so sorry for late post..
 but i already post this look in my instagram account @ri_ri_riyanti. Please kinda follow my IG :))

when i hear "spring" in my mind, i have pink, orange, teal, and blue color..

but now i just use pink color (let me know in comments if you want me post other color with other style)
I think this look is wearable to any occasion, for daily look, for party, etc..
 In this look, i use pink eyeshadow, gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner and mascara of course..

Pink In Spring

Let me explain the picture for you..
First,  tap gold eye shadow in all area of eyelid.
Second, use your favorite pink eyeshadow in outer corner, bring it along your crease until inner corner of eye. make sue your middle lid not affected by the pink, so its still gold in middle, if that pink color get into middle lid, just cover it again with gold color. The gold color in middle will brighten your eyes.
Third, line your eye as close as possible to your eye. if you want to winged it, its your choice.
Fourth, apply mascara in up and bottom lashes, curl it if you need.

That it, you have your HOT PINK spring eyes...
Enjoy your day...


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