Apr 24, 2013

Braids, Simple statment for your hair :)

Hey Ladies...
Today i just want to post about some braids hair i ever made..

Waterfall braid
Okay, this is tricky one, basically it was same with french braid, but in waterfall braid you let some part of your braid to just get down. 
(if you want me to do a detail post about this, please leave comments below :) )

braided bangs

 Its my face with no makeup on, you can see how oily and my pimples. XD
 this one is braided bangs, simply just make a deep side part of hair in arch of your eyebrow then braid your bangs til ear and pin it behind.

 this have two part to make, but i just show the detail of the braid..
Just devide your hair in 2 part, left and right, then make a high pony tail in each side, fishtail braid it, roll it and pin it in place.

in LOVE with this kind of braid, its simple and elegant..
 this kind of braid using fishtail braid, first do a fishtail braid until length you want then add in more hair in each section, do it until all your hair get braid. <3

cage braid
 Get your high pony tail braid a high level with pulling the braid to make it look messy and big, then pin in the end in back of your pony tail, its simple and cute..

That some of braids i ever done, if you have any question, just comments :)
thank you Ladies..


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