Sep 27, 2013

Review : Ageha Super Big lens

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Today i want to review a circle lens named "Ageha".This review is sponsored by Japan Softlens but still i will honest in reviewing this lens..

Ageha is a circle lens brand from Japan. As i know, this Ageha lens in Indonesia just can be bought in Japan softlens. The owner name is Yulia, she is so kind and humble, and helpful, before i got and use this lens, she already give me some warning and advice for using Ageha before i got into trouble..
So, in this post i will reviewing Ageha super big in 'grey'..

here you can read the detail of this product

Normal - Minus
Warna  : Grey
Masa Pakai : 6 Bulan
Base Curve (BC) : 8.8mm
Diameter : Diameter saat dipakai17.0mm(DIA15.0)
Merek : AGEHA / Super Big Series

Here i show you the different between my bare eyes and eyes with lens

I feel so comfortable wearing this lens , like i dont wearing lens at all even the diameter of this lens is so big..

My eyes is easily tired when i look to screen and got blow by fan in long time usually when i use other lens, in just 5 hours, my eyes already tired and i got headache.. but when i wearing Ageha my eyes get tired in 8 hours.. it means 3 hours longer than other lens.
So, afer 8 hours i need a drop..

I believe every eyes have different reaction with lens.. but this is must tried softlens, not just because of the comfortable, but also because of good color and quality.
For me, this grey color is great, you can see it do change my eyes color but still natural..

for that look tutorial, visit here

 so, in my opinion:
+ comfortable
+ natural look
+ make my eyes appear bigger
+ lovely color

because i'm not expert in lenses things, so i dont know what the minus i can share with you. but my cousin who have use softlens in 8 years said Ageha don't irritant eyes like other..
she do use lens 14 hours a day, from 8 A.M until 10 P.M.. 

and if you mind to give a try, you can contact


Thank you for reading my blog...
 umm, have you tried Ageha Lens? please share with me what you think about this lens Girls :D




  1. cantik banget ka riyanti,,btw kalo dari jauh ga keliatan abu2nya ya.
    jadi keliatan baby eyes banget,,cantik :)

    1. hai Mei... :D
      hihihi, km juga cantiiik :*
      iaa, ga gitu kelihatan abu, tapi tetep cakep matanya...
      lbh bercahaya dr klo ga pake lens..hihiih
      Makasii ya say... :*

  2. matamuuuu besaaar banget re! hahaha like a barbie doll..ahaaa~

    1. Iaa kak aull.. hahhaha jdi beda bgt yaa, ga mirip aku. Hahhaha

  3. centesss reee wihihi~ sayang sekali aku tidak bisa mencicipinya :'(

    1. :"( ia nih ivaa, sayang bgt km ga bisa nyobain... klo bisa kn km makin cling pst.. huhuhu
      maacii ya sayanggg :*

  4. cantikkk matanyaa, jd bling2 hihi natural banget deh kalau diliat dr jauh ^_^

    1. Iaa, natural tapi jadi dolly ya matanya... hihihihi
      Makasii dew.... :*