Jan 31, 2014

review : Ageha Caramel Brown

 hello gorgeous! <3 p=""> how do you do?
i've been missing again for several days due preparing CNY :)
and now the time have come..
Happy Chinese New year girls!!

and today i will doing review for this Ageha caramel brown - FYI, Japan softlens send me this lens for review purpose :)

 so, for you who haven't know what is Ageha, Ageha is lens which Japan softlens imported by herself straight from JAPAN.
this softlens have so many series, and i've reviewed some before, you can check my old post .

 so Ageha is japan words, in english means butterfly in bahasa means kupu-kupu
thats why Ageha come in pink box with butterfly
why this lens using butrerfly as logo?
butterfly is beauty symbol for girls..
from larva, become catterpillar, become cocoon and finally become beautiful butterfly...
Ageha hopes with using this lens, we (read: ladies) will be have quick metamorphosis from larva to be a very beautiful butterfly.. :)

 now time for you to see how gorgeous this lens...
this ageha i will review now is caramel brown color, its dark brown with a hint of orang- red, just like caramel..

Available in normal 0.00 ~ Minus-8.00
Diameter saat dipakai: 16.0mm (DIA14.5)
Base Curve : 8.9
Kadar Air : 45%
Masa pemakaian : 6 Bulan

this lens is super comfortable, after u pick it out from the blister, you can direct use it, no need to wash it first.
i always feels comfortable on first time using the lens.. but few times my eyes hurts when put it on, i think i wasn't match with this lens. and lately, i realize that hurts feelings NOT because of the lens BUT because of I DO NOT PAINSTAKING CLEANING THE LENS. oftenly the eyeshadow powder get in to my eyes and stick to the lens, and you need to rub it until the powder gone or else your eyes wil hurts. huhuhu  i now, my bad.. and now i have learn... so for you guys, please take care when cleaning your lens..

the color change a little bit by the lighting..

where to buy  ageha caramel bown??
at JAPAN Softlens (owner Yulia) of course

    Japan Softlens | Jual Softlens Warna Nyaman Asli Jepang♡
klik link diatas dan dapatkan promo free ongkir p 15.000 dan poin 5% yg bisaa dipakai utk pembelanjaan selanjutnya.

so, are you ready to be beautiful with Ageha?

Thank you for reading




  1. Coklatnya cantik bgt ya ri, kalo dipake di kulit sawo matang kira2 bakal kebawa nyerahin ke kulit gak ya? hehehehe. Been looking brown lens like this :)
    Emang ya kalo pake lens itu kudu telaten bersihinnya, kadang aku pake lens abis selesai makeup-an, supaya mata gak kemasukan eyeshadow gitu hehehe :P

    1. iaaa, cakep n manis bgt :3
      umm, aku ga tau klo ke sawo matang.. huhuhu
      ia inih, aku ga telaten abis kmrn ituu.. huhuhu