Jul 3, 2014

Review : Ageha Lunatia Grey

 Hello Gorgeous!!

dont you miss me? hehehe i've been so busy lately, and finally i can do post this review..
Today you will only seeing my eyes, because i will do review for Japan Softlens Ageha Lunatia Grey!
Seriously i've been dying waiting for this time trying this lens, because i've seen some of my beauties (my blogger friends) using it and they look so gorgeous!!
 Okay, lets get started.

Ageha always give you clear detail of lens that you got, so dont worry to lose any detail or got wrong lens, because all the detail is printed on the blister. and be sure you've check the manufactured and expired date.
here are more clearly detail of the lens, as you can see,  Lunatia series havev 3 color domension, dark grey, light grey and yelllow, and it don't have outer ring, so this lens look so natural in eyes, like you really" have a grey eyes, and they are pwretty!!
 Normal & Minus lens ±0.00 ~ -8.00
Diameter saat dipakai 16.0mm(DIA14.5mm)
Base Curve  8.9 mm
masa pakai 6 bulan
Harga : Rp. 178,000
Isi:1 Kotak isi 2 Pcs (1Set)
 my before after using Ageha lunatia Grey..
My eyes always feels comfortable with all Ageha series.. and i love this lunata grey so much, because of the color and the pattern make it look s like real eyes, not lens.  i always forgot i was using softlnes when i using it, because i dont feels i have anything on my eyes when i put it on. so fat, this is the most waited color yo try
 on for me, and me love it s so much!

Hey guys, do you have any trouble with softlens? do it irritated your eyes,? There are several reason why it happened to you! let me spread it out..
first, your solution/lubricant doesn't match your softlens and your eyes. 
how can it be??  as i tell by my friends, they ever have that problem with one solution, then when they change their solution,, all are perfect, so i made this conclusion. our eyes have their own fluid, and it have different reaction with solution and softlens, there are any trial and error for this too, and if you have sensitive eyes, the best thing is ask your doctor for any good recommendation of solution/lubricant. 

 Second, you force your eyes.
what does it means? sometimes, when we busy or when we want to look different at special day, glasses are troublesome and you decided to used lens. beware people, lens aren't the same with glasses. lens stick into your eyes and blocking oxygen to your eyes, so be sure you always bring your drop and drop it when it dry. because dried lens can do serious injure to your cornea .

 Third, you a slob person.
either you don't clean your hands before using lens, or you don't clean your lens case. Please take a good care for your lens, keep t in clean place, because if your lenns get dirt and you using it, it hurts so much!! + if you do makeup, please put your lens first before you start doing makeup to keep your hands and eyes area clean first.

for now, this all first, i will do share any other in other lens review.. hehehehe
Japan Softlens(AGEHA / Lunatia Grey 16mm)
JAPAN Softlens
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 what are your favourite lens so far?? come share with me!
thank you for reading
see you soon on my next post!




  1. tempat softlensenya cantiik ya
    ada bunga nya


    1. iaa beb.. lens case ana sui bok.. hihihi
      bisa di beli d japansoftlens loh. hehehe
      makasii uda mampir ^^