Jul 26, 2014

Review : SHARP Plasmacluster Hair Conditioner Dryer (IF-PB1Y-N GOLD)

Hello Gorgeous!!

It's review time!! after long long time not reviewing any beauty items, now i came back with something BIG! hahaha  By BIG, i mean this beauty product have super big body. LOL.. let me introduce you to SHARP Plasmacluster Hair  Dryer. This is first hairdryer that using such an air conditioning technology i ever knew, so i'm so excited to give a try for this lovely hairdryer.. I got this SHARP Plasmacluster Hair dryer few weeks ago by win Kawai Beauty Japan Present Campaign but still all review are honest! so, lets get started!!

First, we inspect the body.. hehehe, SHARP Plasmacluster Hair  Dryer have 3 color, gold, pink and white. i have gold one with me. In this post, i tried to give you detail information about this product so there are many picture, hope you don't get bored and confuse with all of it.. :D

Sharp make this hairdryer can be fold, so i you can bring it along when travel even it was pretty bulky.. LOL :p it have 1,6 m  power cable, long enough huh? 

this are detail you will see on hairdryer body..
1. up left --> Ion Plasmacluster embos
2. up right --> detail on handle, there are turbo on/off and air setting from cool to hot
3. down left --> production detail such as where it was made
4. down right --> the caution

button function:
-. off --> to set off your hairdryer
-. Normal (400 w) --> Exhaled room temperature around 30'C winds and strong (use this on wet hair so your hair won't be damage)
- . Set (700 w) -->  Blowing warm wind around 45'C with slowly (use this for styling, use warm wind on damp or dry hair)
-. Hot (1600) -->  Blowing hot temperature wind, around 115'C ( this one is only for dry hair, dont use it directly on wet hair or it will damage yout beautiful hair)
- Turbo button --> turbo mode  can be used in normal, set, and hot mode. Turbo function is to speed up everything, blow much more wind, and it need more watt too.

1. up left --> back detail with cap on. when you turn on the hairdryer, there are blue light on ion symbol.
2. up right -->  back detail without cap. you can open the cap and clean all dirt in there
3. down left --> push point to open the cap
4. down right --> front side, where the air will come out..

this is the nozzle, made from hard plastic, more like glass(i dont know  what to call it >.<) , so it can handle the heat 

here are more clear spesification

since first word of this post, i do mention Plasmacluster word quite much, right?? so, don't you curious what is plasmacluster? and why sharp use it on their hairdryer?
Plasmacluster Ion  removing microscopic substances that can not be seen with the eye.
Plasmacluster ion can reduce pollutants, bacteria, fungi, cigarette smoke, etc.
  Plasmacluster bursts will produce and emits positive and negative ions are the same as those existing in nature.
there are 5 good things about plasmacluster for your hair!





  Here are some before - after picture i used  Sharp hairdryer..

please don't laugh at me after seeing that picture! that is picture taken when my hair still wet, i do take a video on how i blow drying my hair. hehehe finally i can publish a video, even just simple one, please watch it if you have a time.. :) video is down below..

what i like about this hairdryer are
- have temperature adjustment
- easy to use
- can be fold, so more travel friendly than other hairdryer i have
- have turbo mode to speed up the work
- have cold / room temperature so it wont damage your hair.
- have extra nozzle (some hairdryer don't)
- have plasma cluster ion technology which i believe truly have that 5 goods as i mention  before

what i don't like
- heavy (but other are heavy too right?) why all hairdryer are heavy? LOL

i'm not pro hair stylist that know much about hair treatment, but i know about my hair is healthy or not. base on my experience, after using sharp hairdryer my hair become softer, easier to manage, and more lustrous. as you can see on that before photo, my hair was so wild and dry looking before i do style it with sharp. you can see more clearly on my video down below if you dont get what i mean.

if you cant see video below, please click here

so, last word in this review, i love styling my hair with SHARP Plasmacluster Hair  Dryer
if you want one for you too, click link i've put on every  SHARP Plasmacluster Hair  Dryer words.. :)

last words, thank you for reading and see you soon on my next post!




  1. wahhh boleh di coba nih dirumah, biasanya ak selalu pake catokan aja hehe. tp itu harus pake sisir yang bulet itu yah cc ? :o


    1. cobain de blow, lbh enk dr catok, soalnya rmbut jdi lbh ngembang. hehehe
      iyah pake sisir bulet biar bisa melengkung masuk, klo mau yg lurus2, pakai sisir yg pad lebar datar juga bisaa.. :)

  2. Wah congrats >,<
    Aku sempet baca di salah satu blogger, reviewnya bagus, sayang harganya belum dapat kujangkau >,<
    Thx reviewnya ^-^

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    1. Hai hai, itu beb di tiap kata sharp plasmacluster hair dryer ada aku kasi link lgsung ke web dmn km bisa beli produk ini. Coba di click de.. Hehehe
      Thank you yaa